“First Look: Kinefinity Unveils Cutting-Edge 8K Camera Prototype at NAB 2024

At NAB 2024 in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to catch up with Kinefinity and get a sneak peek at their forthcoming 8K camera, which is still in the prototype phase.

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8K Camera

This yet-to-be-named camera is equipped with a brand-new sensor, and Kinefinity has managed to eke out slightly higher frame rates compared to the previous 8K Camera MAVO EDGE model.

Unfortunately, exact details regarding the physical size and aspect ratio of the sensor were not disclosed during our discussion.

The camera boasts impressive recording capabilities, allowing for 8K DCI recording at up to 66fps and 4K DCI recording at up to 130fps.

One notable feature of the camera is its redesigned SDI module, which now offers four SDI outputs, with the fifth serving as a mirror for the signal sent to the KineMon monitor. Of these outputs, SDI 1 and SDI are both 12G-SDI, while SDI 2 and 3 are 3G-SDI. This enhancement provides users with three independent SDI outputs, a significant improvement over previous models.

Additionally, the upcoming camera will run on KineOS 8.0 and will support recording in various ProRes formats, as well as Cinema DNG uncompressed RAW.

In terms of physical appearance, the camera closely resembles previous MAVO EDGE models and is compatible with the same media and accessories.

While an official release date for the new camera is anticipated around July or August, pricing details have yet to be announced.

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