“Stop Killing Games: YouTuber Ross Scott’s Campaign Against Game Obsolescence”

YouTuber Ross Scott has initiated a new initiative and website called Stop Killing Games, aimed at combatting the common trend of online games eventually becoming unplayable. Recently, Ubisoft rendered The Crew, a game from a decade ago, unplayable, citing “server infrastructure and licensing constraints” as the rationale.

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YouTuber Ross

Ross Scott, known for his YouTuber Ross channel Accursed Farms, launched the Stop Killing Games website to gather support for the campaign. Speaking to PC Gamer, Scott outlined the campaign’s objective of opposing what he perceives as the industry’s infringement on consumer rights and media preservation.

Scott’s motivation stems from the practice of publishers selling digital games under licensing agreements, effectively denying players true ownership of the titles. These licenses are conditional, granting publishers the authority to revoke access at any time. Consequently, even if consumers have purchased a digital game at full price, there is a risk of losing access, as demonstrated by The Crew’s fate.

Scott intends to advocate for his cause in countries like France, where he hopes to secure legal backing for his campaign. He believes that compelling French publishers to devise methods for players to access games indefinitely will prompt the industry to adopt similar practices worldwide.

In addition, Scott proposes alternative solutions for maintaining access to games, such as implementing private server support if publishers cannot sustain the costs of maintaining official servers. However, the campaign has yet to gain significant traction, as government petitions remain pending approval.

Scott remains optimistic about the potential impact of legal action in France, expressing hope for examination by government departments and potential court intervention. He also anticipates scrutiny from other countries like Germany and Australia. However, the outcome remains uncertain at this stage.

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