“Inspiring Future Engineers: Corporate Support Fuels Engineering Tomorrow’s Mission”

Engineering Tomorrow, a public charity dedicated to inspiring high school students to pursue engineering careers, announced today corporate donations from EnLink Midstream, LLC (“EnLink”) and Kraton Corporation (“Kraton”). EnLink develops and operates midstream energy infrastructure assets and is a leader in carbon dioxide transportation, while Kraton is a global sustainable producer of specialty polymers and biobased products.

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Engineering Tomorrow

These contributions follow Engineering  recent transition from a privately owned foundation to a public charity, gaining support from various corporate and academic partners.

Engineering Tomorrow organizes lab events led by experienced engineers, providing students with hands-on learning opportunities at no cost to schools. The donations from EnLink, Kraton, and other organizations support the charity’s mission to diversify and expand the engineering workforce to tackle future global challenges.

Founded in 2014 by Bill Woodburn, former CEO of GE Infrastructure, Engineering Tomorrow aims to educate students about engineering career paths and address talent shortages. It has conducted labs at over 4,100 schools, engaging more than 560,000 students nationwide. These events cover a range of topics, from artificial intelligence to aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and 3D printing.

Bill Woodburn stated, “We’re grateful for the support of partners like EnLink Midstream and Kraton, who recognize the value of Engineering Tomorrow’s labs in nurturing future talent and enhancing American industry.”

Walter Pinto, Executive VP and COO of EnLink Midstream, emphasized the importance of diversity and critical thinking in strengthening the energy industry’s workforce. He commended Engineering Tomorrow’s efforts in engaging and developing future talent at the high school level.

Vijay Mhetar, CTO of the DL Chemical Group, praised Engineering Tomorrow’s efficient model in promoting STEM opportunities and inspiring students to pursue engineering careers. He highlighted the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and supporting engineering talent, especially in underrepresented communities.

Engineering Tomorrow’s mission is to build a diverse engineering workforce capable of addressing future challenges and fostering innovation. All programs are offered to schools free of charge. Visit their website to learn more about their initiatives and impact.

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