“Mystery in the Night Sky: Chinese Spacecraft Remnants Light Up Southern California”

Enigmatic celestial phenomena streaked across the Southern California Night Sky, leaving locals and onlookers astounded. The New York Post reported that the luminous display occurred around 1:30 am (local time) on Tuesday, visible from Sacramento to San Diego. As word spread, individuals began sharing accounts and videos, speculating whether it was a meteor shower or unidentified flying objects (UFOs). However, experts later identified the spectacle as the remnants of a Chinese spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere.

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Night Sky

Astrophysicist and satellite Night Sky tracker Jonathan McDowell, along with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute, confirmed via X (formerly Twitter) that the celestial objects were the remnants of the Chinese Shenzhou 15 orbital module. Launched in November 2022 to transport three astronauts to the Tiangong space station for a six-month mission, the module had been in space since its launch, as reported by

Despite the scientific explanation, the fiery descent of the module sparked widespread intrigue on social media. By Tuesday afternoon, the American Meteor Society (AMS) had received reports from 81 individuals who witnessed the event. Many turned to social media platforms in search of explanations for the luminous phenomenon.

Speculation regarding the origin of the lights varied, from a potential meteor or comet to debris from the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch at Vandenberg Space Force Base the previous evening. However, the latter theory was debunked, as the SpaceX launch occurred around 7:30 pm (local time), hours before the mysterious lights illuminated the sky.

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