Navigating the Lightning Round: Jim Cramer’s Quick Stock Insights

During the lightning round segment on “Mad Money,” Jim Cramer, the show’s host, provided quick-fire responses to callers’ stock inquiries. Here’s a breakdown of his insights:

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Trade Desk: Jim Cramer

Cramer expressed confidence in Trade Desk’s performance, highlighting its remarkable success under the leadership of Jeff Green. He noted that many investors prefer Trade Desk over Google. Despite Trade Desk being a pricey stock, Cramer recommended holding onto it, and he even suggested considering buying more shares if the price dips below $80.

Edwards LifeSciences:

Cramer praised Edwards LifeSciences’ new product line, emphasizing its quality. Although the stock was experiencing a pullback at the time, Cramer suggested that this could present a favorable buying opportunity for investors, given the company’s strong performance.


Jim Cramer conveyed his favorable opinion of Delta Air Lines, expressing a preference for both Delta and United Airlines. He acknowledged that while these stocks are relatively inexpensive, they can exhibit significant volatility. Nevertheless, Cramer reiterated his positive stance on Delta, indicating his approval of its prospects.


Cramer advised caution regarding Freeport-McMoRan, expressing a desire for the stock to undergo a pullback before considering an investment. He cautioned against investing in stocks that have experienced rapid, parabolic price increases, indicating a preference for more stable, sustainable growth.

Additionally, Cramer offered viewers the opportunity to download his guide to investing for free, aiming to assist them in building long-term wealth and making smarter investment decisions.

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