“Thomann’s 70 Years Anniversary Celebrations: Exclusive Deals and Limited-Edition Models Await Musicians”

In celebration of its anniversary year, Thomann has curated a series of special activities as a token of gratitude to musicians, featuring exclusive deals, limited-edition models, and a plethora of promotions. Commencing on March 1, the Thomann anniversary festivities will span seven months, extending heartfelt offerings until September.

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70 Years of Thomann Deals:

Throughout the anniversary year, 70 Years Thomann patrons can anticipate a series of exclusive deals. Released on a monthly basis, these offers will encompass limited-time discounts, unique models, reissues, and specially crafted limited editions.

Limited Editions and Exclusive Special Models:

In collaboration with renowned brands, 70 Years Thomann will unveil a collection of limited 70th Anniversary special models across various departments, including guitar, studio, drums, and PA systems. Infused with Thomann’s signature turquoise hue and adorned with the distinctive 70th Anniversary logo, these models serve as a tribute to Thomann’s legacy. Customers can also anticipate additional color variations, reissues, and complimentary gifts with their purchases. Due to their exclusivity, the 70th Anniversary special models are available in limited quantities, urging interested individuals to seize the opportunity promptly.

Thomann: From Humble Origins to Global Eminence:

Originating in 1954 as a modest music store founded by Hans Thomann Senior in the quaint Franconian village of Treppendorf, Thomann has since flourished into Europe’s premier music emporium and one of the world’s foremost music gear retailers. As Thomann commemorates 70 years of excellence, it symbolizes seven decades of musical dedication, unparalleled service, and unwavering passion.

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