“Roy Williams’s Unwavering Disdain for NC State on Full Display During Final Four”

It’s no secret that Roy Williams harbors a deep-seated animosity towards the NC State Wolfpack.

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Roy Williams

The former head coach of the UNC basketball program has never shied away from expressing this antipathy, tracing it back to his own college experiences. Throughout his illustrious Hall of Fame coaching career, Williams made no effort to conceal his disdain for NC State, a sentiment that remains unchanged even in his retirement.

During the Final Four showdown between NC State and Purdue, Williams was spotted in the crowd, and cameras captured a quintessential reaction from him following a basket by DJ Burns.

The moment is priceless!

There’s little doubt about which team Williams was cheering for, and it’s safe to assume that he’s relieved now that the Wolfpack have been ousted from the NCAA Tournament. His reaction was nothing short of comical, serving as a reminder that some things never change.

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