Edison International: Recent Insider Trading and Financial Analysis”

Several institutional investors and Trading and Financial Analysis hedge funds have recently adjusted their positions in Edison International. Vanguard Group Inc. increased its holdings by 1.7% during the 1st quarter, owning 44,530,226 shares valued at $3,121,569,000. BlackRock Inc. raised its holdings by 2.6% in the 2nd quarter, with ownership of 37,085,024 shares valued at $2,575,555,000.

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Trading and Financial Analysis

State Street Corp also saw a 0.9% increase in holdings during the 2nd quarter, now owning 28,623,789 shares valued at $1,987,922,000. Pzena Investment Management LLC increased its holdings by 1.5% in the 3rd quarter, with ownership of 13,316,887 shares valued at $842,826,000.

Geode Capital Management LLC raised its holdings by 2.5% in the 2nd quarter, now owning 8,113,228 shares valued at $561,985,000. Institutional investors and hedge funds collectively own 88.17% of the company’s stock.

Edison International’s Trading and Financial Analysis showed a 0.1% increase, opening at $69.37 on Tuesday. The stock has a 50-day simple moving average of $68.12 and a 200-day simple moving average of $67.18. With a market capitalization of $26.67 billion, the stock has a price-earnings ratio of 22.23, a P/E/G ratio of 2.33, and a beta of 0.96. Edison International has a 1-year low of $58.82 and a 1-year high of $74.92. The company’s debt-to-equity ratio is 1.86, with a quick ratio of 0.73 and a current ratio of 0.79.

In its latest earnings report on February 22nd, Edison International revealed earnings of $1.28 per share for the quarter, surpassing the consensus estimate of $1.16 by $0.12. With a return on equity of 12.63% and a net margin of 8.35%, the company reported revenue of $3.71 billion for the quarter, missing the consensus estimate of $4.19 billion. Analysts anticipate Edison International to post earnings per share of 4.99 for the current fiscal year.

Additionally, the company Trading and Financial Analysis recently announced a quarterly dividend of $0.78 per share, payable on April 30th to shareholders of record on March 28th. This represents an annualized dividend of $3.12 and a yield of 4.50%, with an ex-dividend date of March 27th. The dividend payout ratio currently stands at 100.00%.

According to Trading and Financial Analysis Wall Street analysts, Edison International (EIX) has received various ratings. Mizuho lowered their price objective from $76.00 to $75.00 and rated the stock as “buy.” Barclays increased their target price to $70.00 and assigned an “equal weight” rating. Guggenheim upgraded Edison International from “neutral” to “buy,” raising their target price to $84.00.

Royal Bank of Canada lowered their target price to $80.00, maintaining an “outperform” rating. Lastly, Morgan Stanley increased the target price to $53.00 and assigned an “underweight” rating. MarketBeat reports an average rating of “Hold” with an average target price of $73.50.

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