“Emirates Announces Strategic Commercial Team Rotations to Drive Growth”

Emirates has announced strategic changes within its commercial teams across Europe, Africa, and East Asia, aligning with the airline’s robust growth trajectory.

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These new rotations aim to place promising UAE national talent in pivotal roles across Emirates’ key markets. The goal is to empower the airline to achieve its short, medium, and long-term objectives by effectively navigating diverse challenges and seizing opportunities.

Adnan Kazim, Deputy President and Chief Commercial Officer at Emirates, emphasized the airline’s commitment to nurturing exceptional Emirati talent and fostering their career advancement. Kazim stated, “Through these rotations, six aspiring leaders will be strategically positioned to leverage opportunities and tackle industry challenges in their respective markets. I am confident that our newly appointed managers will not only gain valuable experiences but also utilize their existing expertise to bolster our current and future strategies as we continue to expand our global footprint.”

The reshuffling of Emirates’ commercial team members, effective immediately, includes the following appointments:

Mohammed Alqassim, formerly Country Manager Cyprus, assumes the role of Country Manager Cambodia.
Ahmad Tamim, previously Country Manager Ivory Coast, transitions to Country Manager Cyprus.
Adnan Almarzooqi, formerly Commercial Support Manager South Africa, now serves as Country Manager Ivory Coast.

Mohamed Taher, previously Commercial Support Manager Egypt, takes on the role of Manager Uganda.
Sultan Alriyami, formerly Manager Taiwan, assumes the position of Area Manager Hong Kong.
Nasser Bahlooq, previously Area Manager Hong Kong, now serves as Manager Taiwan.
Emirates’ commercial outstation program strategically facilitates opportunities for UAE nationals to enhance their skills and expertise across various roles. Additionally, the program aims to foster the professional growth of Emirates’ Emirati workforce while fostering enduring connections with business partners and stakeholders across the airline’s extensive network.

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