Todd Bowles Wants More from Jamel Dean

In the Bucs’  Todd Bowles initial game, once they found a way to slow down the Vikings’ standout receiver, Justin Jefferson, their defense effectively contained Minnesota’s offense.

Last week, the Buccaneers limited Chicago’s elusive quarterback, Justin Fields, to just 211 passing yards. However, it’s worth noting that 83 of those yards were gained by targeting Bucs cornerback Jamel Dean before he exited the game due to an injury.

In all four attempts where Fields targeted a receiver covered by Dean, the passes were successful, which did not go unnoticed by some critical Buccaneers fans who expressed their concerns in the comments.

Todd Bowles

Last week, Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles expressed his desire for Dean to replicate the performance he had against the Vikings rather than the one against the Bears.

“Consistency would be the main thing,” Bowles emphasized. “I thought he played exceptionally well in the first game. After last week, we identified areas that he should be able to improve upon for this upcoming weekend.”

Given the Buccaneers’ defensive focus on stopping the run, if the Eagles are forced to rely on their passing game, there’s a likelihood that Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts will target Dean based on last week’s results.

In conclusion,

this document primarily focused on Todd Bowles’ expectations regarding Jamel Dean’s performance in the upcoming game. Bowles expressed his desire for Dean to play with greater consistency, highlighting his outstanding performance in the previous game against the Vikings as the benchmark.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

What was the main topic of discussion in this document?

This document primarily discussed Todd Bowles’ expectations for Jamel Dean’s performance in the upcoming game and the need for greater consistency in Dean’s play.

What was the reason behind Todd Bowles’ comments about Jamel Dean’s performance?

Todd Bowles aimed to address concerns about Jamel Dean’s performance in the previous game against the Bears, where he allowed successful passes on all attempts when targeted.

What is the defensive strategy of the Bucs when it comes to shutting down the run?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers prioritize shutting down the opposing team’s running game as a key part of their defensive strategy.

How might Jalen Hurts test Jamel Dean in the upcoming game?

If the Eagles are forced to pass the ball, Jalen Hurts may target Jamel Dean based on his performance in the previous game, aiming to exploit any weaknesses in Dean’s coverage.


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