“Real Madrid’s Social Media Fiasco: A Rift with Vinícius Júnior and Its Impact on the Valencia Match”

According to sources familiar with the matter, a social media post by Real Madrid created tension between the club and star player Vinícius Júnior in the lead-up to their match against Valencia on March 2.

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Real Madrid

Gustavo Hofman reported that the Instagram post in question featured a photo of Vinícius kissing Madrid’s badge. However, what caught attention was a sticker placed just below the image, showcasing the logo of Israeli DJ duo ‘Vini Vici.’ Notably, the sticker included a graphic depicting human evolution from monkeys to DJs.

Although the post was only visible for 30 minutes, Vinícius noticed it and reacted with anger. Sources revealed that the Brazilian forward confronted the club’s executives, demanding an explanation and even threatening to sit out the Valencia match in response to the perceived disrespect.

The news of the rift between Madrid and Vinícius initially surfaced through a report by Spanish publication Relevo. Following Vinícius’ strong reaction, Real Madrid CEO José Ángel Sánchez intervened to defuse the situation. Sources indicated that Sánchez aimed to reassure the player and clarify the circumstances, particularly in light of Vinícius’ ongoing campaign against racist abuse in soccer.

Sánchez reportedly succeeded in calming Vinícius and addressing his concerns. According to sources, the CEO agreed to Vinícius’ request to identify those responsible for the social media post and implement a more stringent protocol in Madrid’s policy for approving such content.

Despite the incident before the match, Vinícius started the game against Valencia at the Mestalla. Impressively, he scored twice during the match, ultimately securing a 2-2 draw for Real Madrid.

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