Who is Kelton Breshon fox?

Kelton Breshon Fox is currently serving a prison sentence for the murder of Tierra Hall, a tragic incident that shook the community of Durham, NC. Tierra, an ordinary 17-year-old girl with dreams of becoming a businesswoman, was living with her single mother and attending Jordan High School.

Kelton Breshon fox

kelton breshon fox
kelton breshon fox

On March 27, 2015, Tierra went to school like any other day but never returned home. Sadly, she was killed by her former partner, Kelton Fox. As of 2022, Kelton Breshon Fox remains in prison, and he is expected to serve until 2027.During the trial, Fox’s legal team attempted to present mitigating factors to reduce his sentence. They argued that he grew up in a family with an absent father and experienced consistent domestic violence. Additionally, they claimed that Fox suffered from several mental illnesses, including hallucinations, paranoia, and a partial borderline behavioral condition.

The Tierra Hall murder case was a harrowing event that took place near her high school in Durham, NC. Her deceased corpse was discovered on March 28, 2015, behind a vacant house.She had been stabbed numerous times in the neck, shoulder, head, and arm; the knife’s tip had even broken off in her left cheek.During the investigation, the police connected the dots and found evidence linking Kelton Fox to the crime. It was revealed that the two had a tumultuous relationship, and although Hall had broken up with Fox in 2014, he still harbored resentment.

kelton breshon fox mother

kelton breshon fox
kelton breshon fox

Further evidence came to light when the police found Fox living in the same vacant house. They discovered his shoes stained with blood that matched Hall’s blood. As a result, Fox was arrested for the murder.The case of Tierra Hall and Kelton Breshon Fox has drawn significant attention, and it has been featured in various crime and investigation TV shows. One such episode titled “Savage By Name” aired on See No Evil on June 22, 2022, receiving high ratings from viewers.

While the Wikipedia pages of Tierra Hall and Kelton Breshon Fox are still under review, the incident has garnered widespread interest, and people continue to discuss it. As of now, there is no Dateline episode dedicated to this case, but it’s possible that the show’s creators may consider producing one in the future.

The impact of this teen homicide case was profound, prompting increased vigilance and concern for the safety of children in Durham and surrounding areas. The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the value of combating domestic abuse and providing aid to victims in our communities.


In conclusion, the murder of Tierra Hall by her former partner, Kelton Breshon Fox, was a deeply tragic event that shocked the community of Durham, NC. Tierra, a young girl with aspirations for a bright future, had her life cut short by a senseless act of violence.Kelton Fox’s conviction for second-degree murder and subsequent imprisonment serve as a form of justice for Tierra and her loved ones. However, the case also highlights the devastating consequences of domestic violence and the importance of providing support to those in abusive relationships.
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Who is Kelton Breshon Fox?

Kelton Breshon Fox is an individual who was involved in a high-profile criminal case related to the murder of Tierra Hall.

What was Kelton Breshon Fox convicted of?

Kelton Breshon Fox was convicted of second-degree murder for the killing of Tierra Hall.

When did the murder take place?

The tragic murder of Tierra Hall occurred on March 27, 2015.

Where is Kelton currently?

As of 2022, Kelton Breshon Fox is serving his prison sentence and is located at the Gaston Correctional Institution in Dallas, North Carolina.

What was the sentencing for Kelton Breshon Fox?

Kelton Breshon Fox was sentenced to serve 12 to 15 years in prison for the second-degree murder of Tierra Hall.


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