Ladd Mcconkey Parents

Ladd McConkey parents, a talented wide receiver for the Georgia Bulldogs, followed in his father’s footsteps to pursue a successful football career. His father, Benji McConkey, was a star quarterback for Dalton High School, and Ladd draws inspiration from his father’s football legacy.

Ladd McConkey parents

ladd mcconkey parents
ladd mcconkey parents

Supporting her son’s football journey, Ladd’s mother, Brittany Waters McConkey, actively participates in Murray Country’s “Relay For Life” foundation, raising funds for cancer patients. She takes pride in Ladd’s achievements and frequently shares photos of their family on Facebook, where she goes by the handle @Brittney Waters McConkey.Laine McConkey, a sister, and Hinton McConkey, a brother, are Ladd McConkey’s siblings.Laine, who graduated from Murray County High School, enjoys going on vacations and spending time with her family.

Ladd McConkey parents Phil

ladd mcconkey parents
ladd mcconkey parents

Hinton, on the other hand, played quarterback for the Division II University of West Georgia.Contrary to what many people think, Ladd McConkey is not related to former NFL wide receiver Phil McConkey.Both Ladd and Phil share the same last name and play the wide receiver position in football, but they have no familial connection beyond their similar surnames.Ladd has succeeded for the Georgia Bulldogs on the football field, earning notice as a three-star prospect and winning the SEC Freshman of the Week award. He has made notable contributions to the team, receiving 135 yards and scoring a touchdown in a victory over Auburn during the 2019 season.

Ladd McConkey parents grandfather, Vic McConkey, was a devoted Tennessee fan and one of Ladd’s biggest supporters. Tragically, Vic passed away due to cancer, and in memory of his late grandfather, Ladd writes “1-20-16” on his towel before games. Ladd McConkey parents are Benji McConkey and Brittney Waters McConkey

Ladd McConkey parents passion for football was nurtured from a young age, with his parents recognizing his talent early on. His father, Benji, who achieved great success in football during his time at Dalton High School and Georgia Military College, has been an instrumental figure in Ladd’s journey to becoming a standout wide receiver.

Overall, Ladd McConkey is carrying on the McConkey history with skill and tenacity while making a name for himself in the football world.Ladd McConkey parents are Benji McConkey and Brittney Waters McConkey


Ladd McConkey parents football journey has been marked by determination and a family legacy of athleticism. Following in the footsteps of his father, Benji McConkey, a former star quarterback, Ladd has made a name for himself as a talented wide receiver for the Georgia Bulldogs. His achievements on the field have earned him recognition, and his passion for the sport has been nurtured by his parents from a young age.Supported by his mother, Brittney Waters McConkey, and his siblings,

FAQ – Ladd McConkey

Who is Ladd McConkey?

Ladd McConkey is a talented wide receiver for the Georgia Bulldogs football team.

What position does Ladd McConkey play?

Ladd McConkey plays as a wide receiver.

What high school did Ladd McConkey attend?

Ladd McConkey attended North Murray High School in Chatsworth, Georgia.

What college does Ladd McConkey play for?

Ladd McConkey plays for the University of Georgia.

Has Ladd McConkey received any accolades in his football career?

Yes, Ladd McConkey was named SEC Freshman of the Week after an outstanding performance in a game against Auburn, where he recorded 135 receiving yards and scored a touchdown.

Is Ladd McConkey related to Phil McConkey?

No, Ladd McConkey is not related to Phil McConkey. They share a common last name but have no familial connection.

What charity organization does Ladd McConkey’s mother support?

Ladd McConkey’s mother, Brittney Waters McConkey, supports Murray Country’s “Relay For Life” foundation, which raises funds for cancer patients.

Does Ladd McConkey have siblings?

Yes, Ladd McConkey has two siblings, a sister named Laine McConkey and a brother named Hinton McConkey.


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