Dive Split face

This post, famously known as the dive split face accident may be old, but it’s making waves all over the internet once again. Gasp!Hold on to your seats, folks, because we’ve got a spine-chilling Reddit post that’s gone viral on social media! 

The eerie tale was shared on Reddit by u/zombiedub many years ago, and boy, did it grab attention! With a staggering 93% upvotes, you know it’s something you can’t ignore. So, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

Dive Split face

Dive Split face
Dive Split face

It all started back in June 2009 in Beirut, where a daring 16-year-old resident decided to attempt a jaw-dropping dive off the Manara Promenade, dive split face right across from the American University. But oh, tragedy struck as he landed on concrete before plunging into the ocean. Yikes!

Now, here’s the twist. In a chilling video that resurfaced online, you can see the boy’s brother bravely take a successful dive dive split face from the Promenade building, which stands tall at over 40 feet. The Reddit post claimed that this wasn’t their first rodeo – they had made several jumps before without a hitch. But this time, fate had other plans, and disaster unfolded.

As the horrifying scene unfolded, a girl at the scene could be heard screaming in Arabic, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Someone call the Civil Defense!” Talk about a heart-stopping moment.

Next up, the video takes a chilling turn as the boy finds himself in the American University Hospital ER. The Reddit post claimed that doctors tried their best to keep his face intact to protect his airway. Can you imagine the intensity of that moment?

As the video gained traction, many netizens began questioning its authenticity. Some believed it to be fake, as hospital footage suggested the teenager attempted a “failed 9mm suicide.” But the Reddit user behind the post countered that claim, saying it couldn’t cause such a horrifying injury to one’s face.

But authenticity aside, the video was already eerie from the start, with its trilingual warning. Spooky!

The Reddit user made it clear that the cause of his death is not up for speculation. What mattered most was the immense blow the teenager suffered in that diving accident. And let’s face it, folks – whether the two vignettes in the promenade and the operating room are connected or not, this video is downright terrifying. Cue the scary movie soundtrack!

So, there you have it, a tale that has left the online world in shivers once again. The dive split face accident” is a bone-chilling reminder that life’s twists and turns can be unimaginably haunting. Stay safe out there, and let’s keep our spirits high, not our dives!


The dive split face accident” story, with its gripping details and chilling video, has left a lasting impact on social media. Shared on Reddit over a decade ago by user u/zombiedub, this tragic incident involving a 16-year-old Beirut resident has resurfaced and captured the attention of netizens once more. The heart-stopping moment of the teenager attempting a dive off the Manara Promenade, only to hit concrete and then the ocean, has sent shivers down spines worldwide.
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Q: Is the dive split face accident video real?

A: The authenticity of the split face diving accident video has been a subject of debate online. While some have questioned its validity, the Reddit user who shared it maintained its authenticity, dismissing claims of a “failed 9mm suicide” as the cause of the injuries.

Q: When did the diving accident happen?

A: The diving accident reportedly occurred in June 2009 in Beirut, involving a 16-year-old resident attempting a dive off the Manara Promenade. The tragic incident left a lasting impact, resurfacing on social media years later.

Q: What happened in the video of the diving accident?

A: The video shows the 16-year-old’s brother successfully taking a dive into the sea from the Promenade building. However, tragedy struck when the teenager attempted the dive and hit concrete before landing in the ocean. The video also captures scenes from the American University Hospital ER as doctors tried to provide medical assistance.

Q: Is the “split face diving accident” video appropriate to share online?

A: The dive split face video contains graphic and distressing content. As such, it is important to exercise sensitivity and caution when sharing or viewing such material online. Always be mindful of the potential impact it may have on viewers.

Q: What can we learn from this viral Reddit post?

A: The “split face diving accident” serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of safety in adventurous activities. It underscores the need to approach internet content with empathy and respect for those involved in tragic incidents. Let’s remember to prioritize safety and be mindful of the potential consequences of reckless actions.


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