Is Felis Salamandra for sale ?

The internet has been abuzz with pictures of felis salamandra for sale, an enchanting black cat adorned with rare yellow spots and captivating yellow eyes. These images have sparked curiosity among people, leading them to question the cat’s authenticity. However, it is important to clarify that Felis Salamandra is not a real cat.

Felis Salamandra is not a real cat

felis salamandra for sale
felis salamandra for sale

The circulating photos of these shiny black felines are, in fact, fraudulent. Some astute internet users swiftly recognized that the pictures depicting this extraordinary cat were generated using artificial intelligence. HITC, too, corroborated this revelation and published an article on the subject. Unfortunately, this revelation left social media users disappointed, as they had hoped for the cat’s genuine existence.

Felis Salamandra for sale

felis salamandra for sale
felis salamandra for sale

This isn’t the first instance of AI-generated pictures of imaginary animals making their way across the internet. Earlier this year, viral pictures of a cat with snake-like skin, known as Serpens Catus, also turned out to be the result of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, more recently, images of the Lynx Owl circulated online, depicting a creature that appeared to be a hybrid of a wild cat and a common bird. However, it was later revealed that these pictures, too, were artificially created using AI technology.

felis salamandra for sale
felis salamandra for sale

Scientists have recently made an exciting announcement regarding the identification of a new and rare subspecies of wild cat known as Felis Salamandra. This particular subspecies is a remarkable find, as it is classified as an Asian variant of the small leopard and is exclusively found in a tropical mountainous region. The elusive nature of its habitat, nestled deep within an inaccessible valley, has contributed to the delayed discovery of this captivating feline.


In conclusion, the circulation of pictures featuring the fictional felis salamandra for sale  a shiny black cat with rare yellow spots and yellow eyes, has sparked interest and speculation among online communities. However, it is crucial to emphasize that felis salamandra for sale is not a real cat and does not exist in the physical world.The notion of Felis Salamandra being available for sale is purely fictitious and serves as a cautionary reminder about the prevalence of misinformation and deceptive practices on the internet.


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