The Town of Vernon Mobilizes Against Eversource’s Proposed Rate Increase

Residents in the Town of Vernon are being urged to take action against Eversource’s proposed rate hike. The town has launched an online petition and is encouraging neighbors to sign it to voice their opposition to the increase to the state’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA).

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Town of Vernon

If approved, the 19-percent rate hike could cost the average customer an additional $40 per month, a burden that Vernon officials describe as excessively punitive in the current economic climate.

Town administrator Michael Purcaro expressed concerns about the impact of the increase, stating, “Everything is so expensive these days with inflation, with the economy the way it is. This is really an insulting increase, and we want to make sure people have the chance to make their voices heard.”

Eversource, however, contends that the Town of Vernon proposed increase is largely driven by state-mandated and approved programs, on which the company earns no profit.

Vernon’s petition has garnered hundreds of signatures, highlighting the collective concern over the potential financial strain it would impose on residents and businesses alike.

Local business owner Dipen Shah, of Radial Coffee Company, voiced apprehension about the substantial increase, fearing it would necessitate cost-cutting measures such as reducing employee hours or increasing product prices.

Residents who have signed the petition expressed hope for a resolution, emphasizing the importance of community advocacy in effecting change.

Vernon’s mayor has joined the opposition to the rate hike and is urging both local residents and individuals statewide to support the petition, which will be forwarded to PURA for consideration.

In response to the petition, Town of Vernon Eversource has called for constructive dialogue and suggested that residents reach out to their legislators or the governor’s office for potential solutions. They criticized what they described as “charged political rhetoric” and emphasized the need for actionable steps to address the issue.

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