Motorola Extends Smartphone Sale, Introduces “The Luck of the Irish Sale”

Following a sudden reduction in prices across its entire range of smartphones, including the Razr 2023 and Edge Plus, Motorola has decided to prolong the sale for another week.

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The company seems to be capitalizing on the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day festivities by launching a new promotion titled “The Luck of the Irish Sale” on March 17th. The discounts offered are quite similar to those of last week’s sale, with $300 off the Razr Plus 2023 in all color variants. Additionally, there’s a $300 discount on the base model of the Razr 2023.

Last year’s Edge Plus has seen a $200 price drop, while the Moto G 5G is now available with an $80 discount, and the Motorola Edge is $150 cheaper. It appears that all of Motorola’s phone models have been discounted in some capacity, including the Moto G Stylus ($70 off), Moto G Power ($100 off), and the Thinkphone ($300 off).

The sale commenced on March 11th and will continue until St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17th. With discounts similar to those offered during the previous sale, customers have a second chance to avail themselves of deals they might have missed out on last time.

Motorola is also gearing up for the release of its next generation of smartphones, with the upcoming Razr taking center stage. However, predicting the exact launch date of the Razr 2024 is challenging as Motorola doesn’t adhere to the same release schedule as other manufacturers. While the Razr 2023 was launched last June, previous models debuted in August, September, and February.

If the company aims to stabilize its release schedule, it’s plausible to expect the new foldable device to hit the market this June. This could potentially give Motorola a head start over Google and Samsung, whose foldable phones are slated for release in June and July, respectively. Given that Samsung’s clamshell-style Flip phone is Motorola’s primary competitor, securing a slight lead and attracting early pre-orders could prove pivotal.

Of particular interest will be observing how Motorola improves upon the 2023 model. While the Razr line has shown significant improvements with each generation, it continues to face challenges in the camera and software support departments. With Samsung now offering seven years of Android updates and security patches for its latest phones, it remains to be seen whether Motorola can match such a commitment. Additionally, can the company catch up with Google and Samsung in terms of hardware and computational photography technology? These questions will likely be answered when the device launches later this year.

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