Who is Tamara Bella? Husband, Net Worth, Height and Body

Tamara Bella, a renowned Argentinian Model, Artist, TV Host, Actress, and Singer, is not only a talented individual but also a loving mother. With one daughter already, she is soon to welcome her second child into the world. However, amidst her pregnancy, Tamara Bella is currently facing some serious challenges as her husband, Pablo Vázquez Kunz, has decided to separate from her, putting her in a difficult financial situation. Let’s delve into the details of Tamara Bella’s age, biography, and her journey in the entertainment industry.

Who is Tamara Bella? Age and Nationality

Born on August 16, 1989, in Argentina, Tamara Bella is now 33 years old as of 2023. She rose to prominence through her appearances on various TV shows and gained further recognition through her engaging Instagram posts and reels. Tamara Bella proudly holds Argentinian nationality, residing in Argentina with her parents and daughter. As an Argentinian citizen, she deeply connects with her roots and embraces her Caucasian ethnicity, characterized by her fair complexion.

Tamara Bella’s Journey: From TV Host to Model

Tamara Bella On live show

Tamara Bella embarked on her career as a TV host and gradually ventured into modeling, becoming a prominent figure in the industry. Presently, she is a TV Host at “Canal de La Ciudad” and works as a news presenter for the popular “PM Noticias” show on Canal 26. Tamara Bella’s captivating presence can also be witnessed as the host of the TV program “Bienvenidos a bordo” on Eltrece TV. Alongside her hosting endeavors, Tamara Bella has collaborated with several Argentine companies and appeared in various advertisements, showcasing her versatility.

The Multi-Talented Tamara Bella: Model, Singer, and More

Tamara Bella On live show

Tamara Bella’s talent knows no bounds, as she expanded her horizons into the field of singing. She released her first album, “Weekend,” which received tremendous acclaim. Moreover, Tamara Bella is an ardent football lover and a devoted fan of Lionel Messi, celebrating the sport alongside her thriving career.

Tamara Bella’s Personal Life: Husband and Separation

Tamara Bella Husband

Prior to her current relationship, Tamara Bella was involved with a man with whom she shares a beautiful teenage daughter named Renata R Bella, who has gained recognition as a blogger. Following her breakup, Tamara Bella found love again and started dating Pablo Vázquez Kunz, a Psychologist and Author. The couple tied the knot on August 6th, 2022, and enjoyed their honeymoon at Fernando de Noronha. However, before their first child could arrive, unfortunate circumstances led to the separation of Tamara Bella and Pablo Vázquez Kunz.

Tamara Bella’s Net Worth: A Testament to Her Success

Tamara Bella has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million, primarily derived from her presence on social media, singing career, TV hosting, and modeling assignments. Her captivating beauty and modeling prowess have made her a sought-after brand ambassador for numerous fashion and beauty product brands. People are drawn to Tamara Bella’s exquisite looks, solidifying her status as a popular figure in the industry.

Tamara Bella on Instagram and Twitter: A Social Media Sensation

Tamara Bella’s Instagram account is a visual delight, boasting over 2.2 million followers. Her posts encompass a wide range of modeling work, travel experiences, captivating stories, reels, and stunning photographs. Having established her Instagram presence in November 2013, Tamara Bella enjoys a verified account, adding credibility to her online persona.


Tamara Bella followers
Tamara Bella’s instagram followers


Tamara Bella’s Height & Body Measurements

Standing tall at approximately 5 feet 9 inches, Tamara Bella possesses an enviable physique. She maintains a weight of around 60 kg (132.77 lbs). With her blonde hair and hazel blue eyes, Tamara Bella’s striking appearance captivates her audience. Her shoe size is 8 UK, and her body measurements are an impressive 36-24-36 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Tamara Bella?
Tamara Bella is a highly acclaimed Argentinian Model and TV host, considered one of the top models in Argentina.

How old is Tamara Bella?
Tamara Bella is 33 years old.

Who is the husband of Tamara Bella?
Tamara Bella’s husband is Pablo Vázquez Kunz.

What is Tamara Bella’s nationality?
Tamara Bella holds Argentinian nationality.

How tall is Tamara Bella?
Tamara Bella stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches.


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