Ben Cousins to Attend Brownlow Medal Ceremony in Melbourne

For the first time in over a decade, Ben Cousins, the 2005 Brownlow Medallist, will be present at the Brownlow Medal ceremony in Melbourne. This marks a significant step forward for the former Eagle, signifying his return to public events.

Speaking to The Australian on Monday, Cousins expressed his intention to attend this year’s AFL best and fairest player award ceremony at Crown on Monday night. This move is seen as a positive development in his journey, as reported by Perth Now.

Ben Cousins

Cousins’ return to the public eye gained momentum when he took on the role of reading the morning sports bulletin on 7News in Perth. His colleagues have described him as “keen to learn.” Furthermore, Cousins’ newfound determination is attributed to his children, whom he spends time with regularly.

Reflecting on his journey, Cousins emphasized the importance of providing support and understanding to others facing similar challenges. He acknowledged the multiple chances he has been given in his life, stating, “I want to make sure that other people in that sort of position are going to get the same understanding I do and the same help along the way I did.”

Although Cousins attended the 2021 Brownlow held in Perth, this year’s event marks his return to the sporting capital of Australia for the ceremony since he won the prestigious award in 2005.

Cousins, a former Eagles superstar, described football as a “constant” in his turbulent life. He mentioned how joining a community football club played a crucial role in his recovery, helping him reconnect with the community and start rebuilding his life.

Ben Cousins had a troubled end to his football career, facing substance abuse problems and legal issues. However, recent times have seen him on a positive path, focusing on recovery and returning to the football community.


In this rewritten passage, we have provided a clear and concise summary of the original article, highlighting the significant development of Ben Cousins attending the Brownlow Medal ceremony in Melbourne. This marks a positive step in his journey, reflecting his return to public events.


    1. Why is Ben Cousins attending the Brownlow Medal ceremony significant?
      • Ben Cousins’ attendance at the Brownlow Medal ceremony is significant because it marks his return to public events after a troubled period in his life. It demonstrates his progress and commitment to recovery.
    2. What is the Brownlow Medal ceremony?
      • The Brownlow Medal ceremony is an annual event in the Australian Football League (AFL) that recognizes the league’s best and fairest player. It is one of the most prestigious awards in Australian rules football.
    3. How has Ben Cousins been involved in the AFL recently?
      • Ben Cousins has been involved in the AFL community by taking on roles such as reading the morning sports bulletin on 7News in Perth and participating in an exhibition legend’s game at Optus Stadium.
    4. What challenges has Ben  faced in his life and career?
      • Ben  faced challenges related to substance abuse and legal issues during and after his football career. However, he has been open about his recovery journey in recent times.
    5. What message does Ben Cousins want to convey through his experiences?
      • Ben Cousins aims to provide support and understanding to others facing similar challenges. He emphasizes the importance of offering assistance to those in need and promoting recovery and well-being.
    6. What role has football played in Ben Cousins’ recovery?
      • Football has played a significant role in Ben Cousins’ recovery journey. Joining a community football club allowed him to reconnect with the community, providing a sense of purpose and contributing to his recovery.
    7. What are the long-term goals for Ben Cousins?
      • Ben Cousins’ long-term goals include maintaining his recovery, making positive contributions to the community, and ensuring that others facing challenges receive support and understanding.


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