“Arrowhead Game Studios Considers Tweaking Auto-Climb Mechanic in Helldivers 2”

Arrowhead Game Studios, the developer of Helldivers 2, is open to the idea of adjusting the auto-climb mechanic, which has sparked criticism from some players since the game’s release.

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The auto-climb, or auto-vault, feature has been a point of contention among players since Helldivers 2 debuted in February. The main issue stems from its non-optional nature – when a climbable object is approached, the player’s Helldiver automatically climbs it. This automatic action can disrupt various aspects of gameplay, such as aiming accuracy and defensive positioning against enemy attacks. While some players may adapt to this mechanic, others have expressed a desire for the ability to disable auto-climb through the game’s customization settings. Arrowhead Game Studios has hinted that they may address this feedback.

“We’re exploring the possibility of adjusting the auto-vault mechanic in the near future,” stated community manager Twinbeard. “We have multiple options to consider, and while no final decisions have been made, changes are likely. Stay tuned for updates!”

While the developer has not confirmed any specific alterations to the auto-climb mechanic, their acknowledgment of player feedback is a positive step forward.

In addition to addressing auto-climb concerns, Arrowhead Game Studios is also contemplating another significant player request: the expansion of player squads. However, the feasibility of this request remains uncertain. According to the developer, implementing larger player squads would be a considerable undertaking, which may dampen hopes for those seeking to enlist more than four players in their democracy defense crew.

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