Escape From Tarkov Update 0.14.6 Introduces Unheard Edition: A Detailed Overview”

The patch notes for Escape From Tarkov update 0.14.6 have been unveiled, showcasing the introduction of a new game version named the Unheard Edition, which offers enhanced features and perks compared to the previous Edge of Darkness edition.

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The Unheard Edition encompasses many of the benefits found in the retired Edge of Darkness edition, alongside several additional enhancements for those opting to purchase it. Notably, players will experience an increase in pocket size, allowing for the storage of full magazines, and receive boosted skill levels at the beginning of a wipe. However, these additions have sparked controversy, with some raising concerns about potential pay-to-win implications, as these features grant significant advantages to Unheard Edition owners over others.

The standout feature of the Unheard Edition is access to a new player versus environment mode, featuring full progression and quests unaffected by wipes. Effectively, it offers a single-player Tarkov experience, albeit with the option to team up with friends, alleviating concerns about engaging with real players. Nevertheless, questions have arisen within the community regarding the promise of free future DLC for Edge of Darkness owners, as the new mode resembles DLC in essence.

Additional perks of the Unheard Edition include access to an early test server, improved starting gear at wipe onset, expanded flea market slots, and extended mail retention time, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. The complete list of bonuses can be found in the patch notes.

While the pricing for the Unheard Edition has not been disclosed due to ongoing website maintenance, it is anticipated to be substantial given its superior bonuses compared to the Edge of Darkness edition.

Update 11:45 am BST:

The Unheard Edition is now available for purchase, priced at a significant $250 for new buyers of Escape From Tarkov. Existing Edge of Darkness edition owners can upgrade for $100.

In addition to the Unheard Edition release, the 14.6 patch notes include armor and hitbox penetration reworks for improved shooting consistency, along with adjustments to mitigate the effects of being shot. Furthermore, the change of season to spring signals the end of snow in the game environment.

The launch of the Unheard Edition coincides with the conclusion of the Gray Zone Warfare streamer test, attracting returning players to Tarkov, potentially leading to an increase in player counts in the coming days.

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