The Phillies, Both New and Familiar, Celebrate a Playoff Berth with a Unique Twist”

Upon their arrival at Citizens Bank The Phillies Park in April, a notable transformation was evident for the Phillies. Adorning the hallway from the clubhouse to the dugout was a new display of artwork, signifying a significant shift within the team. The display featured five photos, with four of them in black-and-white, capturing iconic Phillies clinching moments. Above the photos, a bold message read, “MAKE MORE HISTORY.” This marked the beginning of a change driven by John Middleton, the team’s managing partner, who had set forth a clear mandate during the winter. The Phillies were determined to enhance their existing decor, which primarily consisted of tributes to former legends and a panorama from 2008.

The Phillies

“The old stuff they had was, frankly, old,” remarked Middleton, expressing the need for change.

As the Phillies jubilantly celebrated their latest postseason qualification on Tuesday night, they raced up the staircase just behind the dugout, passing by the fresh photographs that now adorned the hallway. It was a moment to relive their successes.

Following a hard-fought 3-2 victory over Pittsburgh in 10 innings, Manager Rob Thomson stepped forward to deliver a brief speech. “The last thing,” he began, “J.T., how many more playoff wins?” J.T. Realmuto responded with an enthusiastic proclamation that included the number “13,” all while Champagne was sprayed in celebration. In a matter of seconds, the speakers erupted with “Dancing on My Own.” Many of the individuals reveling in the midst of this jubilant, alcohol-soaked celebration were the same as those from the previous year.


The Phillies’ journey in 2023 has been marked by significant changes and celebrations. The transformation of their stadium, Citizens Bank Park, with new artwork, symbolized a fresh start and a desire to create new history. John Middleton, the team’s managing partner, had set a mandate for upgrades, and it was clear that they needed to move beyond the relics of the past.

As the Phillies clinched another postseason berth, they sprinted past the new photos that lined the hallway. Manager Rob Thomson addressed the team, and the celebration ensued, with J.T. Realmuto’s proclamation of “13” playoff wins and a lively rendition of “Dancing on My Own.” Despite the changes, many familiar faces from the previous year were part of the joyous occasion.


Why did the Phillies make changes to Citizens Bank Park?

The Phillies made changes to the stadium to revitalize its atmosphere and create a sense of new beginnings. The old artwork and memorabilia were considered outdated and in need of an update.

Who mandated the upgrades at Citizens Bank Park?

The team’s managing partner, John Middleton, issued the mandate for upgrades, signaling a desire for change and a commitment to improving the team’s environment.

How did the Phillies celebrate their postseason qualification?

The Phillies celebrated with enthusiasm and Champagne after their 3-2 win over Pittsburgh in 10 innings. Manager Rob Thomson addressed the team, and J.T. Realmuto’s response to a question about playoff wins added to the excitement.

What song played during the Phillies’ celebration?

The speakers played “Dancing on My Own” as part of the celebration, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Were there many changes in  Phillies’ roster from the previous year?

While there were some changes in Phillies’ roster, many familiar faces from the previous year were still part of the team’s celebrations.


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