Surprise Guest! Hoda Kotb Daughter Hope Steals the Spotlight at Her High School’s 60th Anniversary Celebration

Over the weekend, Hoda Kotb took a nostalgic trip down memory lane, accompanied by her 4-year-old daughter, Hope. Hoda brought Hope along to the 60th anniversary celebration of her high school’s opening and even invited her up to the podium as she addressed her former classmates. Hoda is an alumna of Fort Hunt High School in Alexandria, Virginia, which closed down 38 years ago. Despite the years that have passed, many alumni gathered for this significant event, with Hoda as the keynote speaker.

“Do you know what happened when they organized a reunion for the entire school? Everyone came,” Hoda enthusiastically shared on October 2 during her appearance on “TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.” Her face lit up as she described how her fellow alumni had achieved remarkable things in their lives. She also mentioned her own life journey, which took off after she turned 50, highlighting the joys of motherhood with her daughters, Hope (4) and Haley (6).

Hoda Kotb

“It was so much fun. At the end, I shared a story about being a late bloomer in high school and in life, and how all the best things in my life happened after turning 50,” Hoda reflected. She continued, “I talked about how I had my girls after 50,” noting that she had brought Hope along while Haley enjoyed some quality “grandma time” back home.

Hoda further shared, “I’ve said that one of the most wonderful phone calls I ever received in my life was when the phone rang, and it was the adoption agency. I didn’t know what it felt like to give birth, as I’ve never experienced it. But when you receive a phone call, and you pick up the receiver, and I said, ‘Hello,’ and the woman on the other end, from the adoption agency, said, ‘She’s here.’ And in that moment, I thought, ‘She’s here.'”


In the midst of reminiscing about her high school reunion and the wonderful journey of her life, Hoda Kotb shared a deeply touching moment. She reflected on one of the most precious phone calls she ever received – the one that brought her the joy of motherhood through adoption. The simple words, “She’s here,” filled her heart with profound happiness.


Q: Can you share more about Hoda Kotb’s experience with adoption? Hoda Kotb is a proud adoptive mother. She has openly spoken about the joy and significance of adoption in her life, emphasizing the momentous phone call from the adoption agency that marked the arrival of her child.

Q: How many children does Hoda Kotb have? Hoda Kotb is a mother of two daughters. She has Hope, who is 4 years old, and Haley, who is 6 years old. Both girls have brought immense happiness into her life.

Q: Has Hoda Kotb ever given birth to a child? No, Hoda Kotb has not given birth to a child. She became a mother through the process of adoption and has shared the profound emotions and experiences that come with adopting children.

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