“Sagres: Navigating the High Seas of Adventure”

Developer Ooze and publisher Kakehashi Games have unfurled the sails of “Sagres,” an open-world sailing simulation RPG, onto the Nintendo Switch platform today. This highly anticipated release was prominently featured during the Japanese stream of the Nintendo Indie World event held on April 17th. “Sagres” marks the maiden voyage for Ooze, a solo indie developer hailing from South Korea.

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Set in an expansive open-world environment, “Sagres” thrusts players into the role of Captain Fernando as he embarks on a daring odyssey to explore the vast expanse of the seven seas. Along the journey, players will navigate treacherous waters, recruit a diverse crew of sailors, and fend off marauding pirates in pursuit of a singular quest—to uncover the whereabouts of the legendary explorer, Sir Antonio.

As players chart Fernando’s course across the globe, they will traverse real-world locations spanning from the shores of North America to the rugged terrain of Africa. Along the way, they will establish lucrative trade routes, negotiate with foreign dignitaries, and uncover hidden treasures buried beneath the ocean’s depths. However, navigating the high seas is not without its perils, and players must remain vigilant as they encounter fierce storms, deadly sea creatures, and rival factions vying for control of maritime territories.

In “Sagres,” strategic prowess is just as crucial as nautical skill, as players engage in thrilling turn-based battles against adversaries. Employing a rock-paper-scissors combat system, players must carefully consider their tactics and leverage their ship’s arsenal to emerge victorious in combat encounters. Whether facing off against enemy vessels or engaging in skirmishes on land, players must ensure that their ship is amply provisioned with supplies to weather the challenges that lie ahead.

As the sun sets on the horizon and the waves lap against the hull, “Sagres” invites players to embark on an unforgettable voyage filled with adventure, discovery, and perilous encounters. With its captivating blend of exploration, strategic gameplay, and rich narrative, “Sagres” sets sail as a must-play title for fans of open-world RPGs and seafaring enthusiasts alike. So hoist the anchor, set course for adventure, and prepare to chart your own destiny amidst the boundless expanse of the open sea.

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