“Oracle Founder Larry Ellison Reveals Plans to Move Headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee”

Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, revealed on Tuesday his intention to relocate the software titan’s corporate headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee, citing its central position in the healthcare industry.

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Ellison engaged in a conversation with former Senate majority leader Bill Frist during an event in Nashville, which was shared by  Health on LinkedIn the same day. He disclosed plans to move Oracle’s “huge campus” to Nashville, ultimately establishing it as their global headquarters, although he expressed a momentary regret for the premature revelation.

Emphasizing Nashville’s significance in the healthcare sector, Ellison noted Oracle’s strategic move aligns with their ambitions for expansion in this industry, following the acquisition of Cerner for $28 billion in 2022.

Describing Nashville as an ideal living environment with a vibrant culture, Ellison highlighted its appeal to employees and its alignment with the company’s strategic interests in healthcare.

The new Oracle campus in Nashville, designed by Norman Foster, will feature a non-traditional corporate layout, resembling more of a park with various facilities including office spaces, a community clinic, eateries, accommodations, and a floating concert venue on the river.

Ellison underscored  commitment to becoming an integral part of the Nashville community, driven by the conviction that it represents the nucleus of their future endeavors.

current headquarters is situated in Austin, Texas, having relocated from Redwood Shores, California, in 2020.

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