Meet Gina Miles the voice mom.

Meet Gina Miles the voice mom, the singing prodigy who rocked Season 23 of The Voice and won our hearts with her stunning performances! From blowing us away with Katy Perry‘s “The One That Got Away” at her blind audition to giving us chills with Sinéad O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” and Taylor Swift’s “Style,” Gina has proved she’s a force to be reckoned with!

Not gonna lie, it was a nail-biting finale, but Gina came out on top, snatching victory by the slimmest margin in The Voice history! Talk about a close call! But hey, who needs a wide margin when your talent speaks for itself, right?

Gina Miles the voice mom

gina miles the voice mom
gina miles the voice momv

And you know what’s even cooler? Her celebrity trainer, Niall Horan, recognized her unique voice early on, calling it feel-tastic and full of character. It’s like music magic, folks!But hey, let’s not forget about the unsung hero behind Gina’s triumph – her amazing mom, Amy Buler (and stepfather)! Give it up for the real MVP! Amy has been Gina’s rock, supporting her every step of the way, and we can only imagine how incredibly proud she must be of her superstar daughter.

Gina miles mom

gina miles the voice mom
gina miles the voice mom

Gina’s journey to stardom wasn’t without its twists and turns. Raised by her single father, Ryan Galey, she’s faced challenges like a true champion. And guess what? Gina’s stepmother, Amy, has been a superwoman too! Not only has she been there for Gina, but she also rocks it in her own career as a Programmer/Coordinator II at Carle Foundation Hospital. On weekends, she’s even got security duties at her husband’s company. Now that’s some serious multitasking!

Gina’s father, Ryan, had his own rollercoaster ride too. After 30 years in restaurant management, the pandemic hit, and he decided to switch gears. He became a licensed insurance agent, running his own agency like a boss!

gina miles the voice mom
gina miles the voice mom

And did you know Gina’s a DJ too? Talk about talent overload! She’s been spinning tracks at Maximum Entertainment since way back in May 1988. That’s some DJ dedication right there!

With such an incredible support system from her family and friends, it’s no wonder Gina shines like the superstar she is. She’s a testament to chasing dreams and rocking the stage with her melodious voice!

So, here’s to gina miles the voice mom, the singing sensation of The Voice, and to the awesome team behind her – you’re all winners in our hearts! Keep shining, keep singing, and keep slaying, because you’ve got us cheering you on all the way!


Gina Miles the voice mom has been nothing short of inspiring and heartwarming. With her breathtaking performances and undeniable talent, she captured the hearts of viewers and proved that dreams do come true with hard work and support. But behind every shining star, there’s an unsung hero, and in Gina’s case, it’s her incredible mom, Amy Buler. Amy’s unwavering support and love for her daughter have been a driving force in Gina’s success. From her humble beginnings to winning Season 23 of gina miles the voice mom, Gina has had her supermom cheering her on every step of the way. Amy’s dedication to her family and her own career is a testament to the power of love and determination.

FAQ – Gina miles the voice mom

1. What season of The Voice did Gina Miles win?

Gina Miles won Season 23 of The Voice, showcasing her incredible talent and earning the title with her mesmerizing performances.

2. How did Gina’s mom, Amy Buler, support her throughout the competition?

Amy Buler, Gina’s supermom, has been a pillar of strength and support throughout her journey on The Voice. Cheering her on, Amy has been there for Gina every step of the way, making her victory even sweeter.

3. What career accomplishments does Amy Buler have?

Amy Buler has an impressive career as a Programmer/Coordinator II at Carle Foundation Hospital. She also takes on security duties at her husband’s company on weekends, showcasing her multitasking skills!

4. How did Gina’s father, Ryan Galey, contribute to her success?

Gina’s father, Ryan Galey, played a crucial role in supporting her as a single parent. His love and encouragement have been invaluable on her path to success.

5. How long has Gina been DJing, and where does she work?

Gina has been DJing at Maximum Entertainment since May 1988. She brings her musical passion and talent to entertain audiences with her DJ skills.

6. What can we expect from Gina Miles in the future?

With her remarkable talent and dedicated support system, Gina Miles is set to continue wowing audiences and leaving her mark on the music industry. Expect more captivating performances and unforgettable music from this rising star!


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