“Continued Distribution of Cost of Living Payments by the Department for Work and Pensions”

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) continues its distribution of cost of living payments, with a claimant revealing they were notified of an incoming deposit of £950 to their account. This amount encompasses three separate cost of living payments that the individual missed during the initial rollout phase.

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Work and Pensions

Despite the completion of the Work and Pensions DWP’s rollout, which disbursed £299 to 8.3 million households in February, some individuals are still receiving financial assistance. The claimant shared their experience in BirminghamLive’s Facebook Cost of Living group, recounting how they submitted an online form to address their missing payments.

A response in their Universal Credit online journal confirmed their entitlement to three distinct amounts: £326, £324, and £301. The claimant, who solely relies on Universal Credit without receiving any other benefits, raised concerns about the accuracy of these figures.

It was clarified that Work and Pensions  two payments originated from the initial cost of living rollout in 2022-2023, while the third stemmed from the 2023-2024 schedule. The funds are expected to be deposited into the claimant’s account within days.

These payments were designated for individuals receiving Universal Credit and other means-tested benefits, provided they met the qualifying criteria, as reported by Birmingham Live.

This underscores the importance for individuals to verify their entitlement to cost of living payments and submit a claim if they have not yet received the funds. Those who believe they should have received a cost of living payment can report it as missing on the GOV.UK website.

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