“Introducing the Next Generation of Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses: Enhanced Style, Connectivity, and Intelligence”

Our latest collaboration with Essilor Ray-Ban Meta Luxottica has been a resounding success, with our second-generation smart glasses quickly flying off the shelves faster than we can produce them. Timed perfectly for sunglasses season, we’re thrilled to expand the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses lineup with new styles tailored to accommodate a broader range of face shapes, ensuring everyone can find their perfect match. Alongside these additions, we’re introducing enhancements to Meta AI to elevate the functionality of the glasses even further.

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Ray-Ban Meta

Seeking a touch of vintage allure? Our fresh Skyler frames boast a chic cat-eye design reminiscent of an era marked by iconic jet-set fashion, crafted specifically to flatter smaller facial profiles.

Additionally, we’re introducing a new low bridge option for our Headliner frames, catering to individuals experiencing issues such as slipping glasses or discomfort caused by improper fit.

With hundreds of customizable frame and lens combinations available on the Ray-Ban Remix platform, you have the freedom to personalize your glasses on Moreover, our latest styles are engineered to accommodate prescription lenses. Skyler frames and the new Headliner low bridge fit are currently open for pre-order on and, accessible in 15 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, and across Europe.

Exclusive Limited Edition Release

In an exciting development, we’re unveiling the inaugural limited-edition Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in an exclusive Scuderia Ferrari colorway, debuting at Miami 2024. The Ray-Ban Meta for Scuderia Limited Edition combines the storied heritage of Ferrari, timeless Ray-Ban design, and cutting-edge Meta technology, available starting April 24, 2024.

Enhanced Connectivity with Video Calls

Certain moments in life demand to be shared, from breathtaking landscapes to cherished milestones. That’s why we’re introducing the ability to seamlessly share your perspective on video calls via WhatsApp and Messenger, entirely hands-free.

Whether you’re navigating grocery aisles or assessing fruit ripeness, you can now connect with loved ones for real-time advice based on your surroundings. The rollout of video calling functionality on Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses will occur gradually, ensuring widespread availability in due course.

Empowering Meta AI Integration

Equipped with integrated audio and an ultra-wide 12 MP camera, Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are brimming with cutting-edge technology. In the US and Canada, users can harness the power of Meta AI, an intelligent assistant designed to streamline tasks, foster connections, and provide real-time information.

Our latest multimodal AI update, initially tested in December, enables users to inquire about their surroundings, receiving intelligent responses or suggestions tailored to their needs. This functionality, now available in beta, allows users to unlock new possibilities with their smart glasses, leveraging real-time insights and information without the need for additional devices or screens.

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