“House Speaker’s Plan to Avert Shutdown Gains Limited Democratic Support Amid GOP Opposition”

Date: November 13, 2023

In a bid to prevent a partial government shutdown set for Saturday, U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson‘s plan has garnered tentative approval from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The potential support from Schumer is crucial for the passage of the measure, even though some of Johnson’s hardline Republican counterparts are expressing reservations.

About U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson

Schumer, while expressing his satisfaction that Johnson’s proposal avoids significant spending cuts, stopped short of giving it his full endorsement. He acknowledged the imperfections but emphasized the avoidance of steep budget reductions.

“The speaker’s proposal is far from perfect, but the most important thing is it refrains from making steep cuts,” stated Schumer.

Before advancing to the Senate, the bill must first clear the House. However, at least seven Republican colleagues of Johnson have signaled their opposition to his two-step continuing resolution (CR), designed to maintain current funding levels for federal agencies.

Representative Chip Roy, a vocal hardliner, criticized the measure for its lack of spending cuts and conservative policies. He particularly took issue with the extension of food assistance for impoverished families until September 30. Roy expressed discontent and suggested that, without changes, he would oppose efforts to bring the bill to the House floor.

“We got nothing – nothing,” Roy remarked to reporters. “I’m certainly talking to my colleagues about our concerns. And I certainly hope that this bill is not going to proceed as it’s currently structured.”

The fate of Johnson’s plan hangs in the balance as lawmakers navigate through ideological differences and seek a consensus to avert a government shutdown.

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