“Yars Rising: A Retro Revival Reimagined”

The Nintendo Indie World Showcase unveiled some surprising announcements today, but none were as unexpected as the reveal of Yars Rising, especially for those familiar with the Atari 2600 library.

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Yars Rising

Yars, developed by WayForward, is a Metroidvania-style action platformer. WayForward, renowned for titles like the Shantae series, brings their expertise to this game where players assume the role of Emi, a hacker who gains power and unique abilities throughout her journey. These abilities, described on the game’s Steam page, enable her to access previously unreachable areas.

Interestingly, Yars  serves as a sequel to the Atari 2600 classic, Yars’ Revenge. The original game featured a single-screen shooter format, with players controlling an insect-like creature aiming to defeat a formidable boss. Despite its unconventional design, including a central barrier and peculiar static effects, Yars’ Revenge is recognized as one of the standout titles of the Atari era, renowned for its experimental nature.

In Yars Rising, players will have the opportunity to revisit Yars’ Revenge as it will be playable within the new game. Additionally, Yars Rising will incorporate “a series of hacking minigames” paying homage to the classic title. This unexpected revival of an iconic IP is undoubtedly one of the most peculiar announcements, yet given WayForward’s track record, anticipation is high for their take on the Metroidvania genre.

In 2022, Howard Scott Warshaw, the creator of Yars’ Revenge, hinted at a sequel in an interview with DualShockers, mentioning plans for a comprehensive backstory dubbed “The Yarnovers.” However, current press materials for Yars Rising do not reference Warshaw, leaving fans curious if this new game aligns with his envisioned sequel.

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