“Warzone’s Eclipse: A Celestial Celebration on Rebirth Island”

As North America anticipates the arrival of a total solar eclipse today, Call of Duty is joining in the festivities by incorporating an eclipse into Warzone’s Rebirth Island map.

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In Matches of Resurgence on Rebirth Island, the day begins with typical sunny weather, but as the game progresses towards the first circle, the atmosphere gradually transforms, enveloping the map in a dark and eerie ambiance courtesy of an in-game solar eclipse.

For those players who prefer to stay indoors and witness the celestial event virtually, Warzone’s rendition of the solar  offers a compelling alternative. Aside from the atmospheric change, these battle royale matches unfold as usual. However, this presents a unique opportunity to secure victory amidst today’s distinctive backdrop, complete with cinematic scenes featuring the solar .

Rebirth Island made its return to Warzone with Season 3, accompanied by a brand-new Easter egg to uncover. For those eager to embark on this hidden quest and claim the coveted “Redacted” weapon blueprint for the DG-56 assault rifle, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through Rebirth Island’s secrets.

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