“Unveiling the Epic Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster! Uncover Kyle Katarn’s Thrilling Adventure in Stunning 4K Visuals!”

The long-awaited remastered edition of Star Wars: Dark Forces now has an official release date set for February 28, 2024, available across multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch.

Originally launched in 1995, Star Wars: Dark Forces gained immense popularity as LucasArts’ cherished first-person shooter. Nearly three decades later, Nightdive Studios, recognized for their successful System Shock remake and Turok and Quake remasters, is behind the development of this highly anticipated remaster.

Star Wars

The Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster is optimized for modern gaming platforms, supporting resolutions of up to 4K and a smooth 120 frames per second (excluding the Switch version). The game boasts improved gameplay, high-resolution textures, enhanced lighting and rendering, and compatibility with console gamepads featuring specific functionalities tailored to each platform.

Star Wars: Dark Forces puts players in the shoes of Kyle Katarn, an ex-Empire member turned freelance mercenary who later aligns himself with the Rebel Alliance. Throughout the game, Katarn embarks on a mission within the Empire, unraveling the secrets of the formidable Dark Trooper Project. Notably, this project introduced a formidable line of Imperial battle droids and power-armored stormtroopers, which were later featured in The Mandalorian show in 2020.

Highlighted Features:

Up to 4K visuals at 120FPS on PC, PlayStation 4|5, and Xbox One and Series X|S
Cutting-edge 3D rendering technology delivering lifelike lighting and atmospheric effects
Enhanced gamepad support incorporating a new weapon wheel, rumble, and motion/gyro controls
Attainable Trophies and Achievements on Windows PC through Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles

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