The FBI Sounds the Alarm on Nationwide Toll Road Scam

The FBI has issued a crucial alert regarding a widespread scam currently sweeping the nation.

A sophisticated series of SMS phishing, or “smishing,” attacks are targeting Americans by luring them with fictitious unpaid road toll charges.

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This surge in fraudulent activity has been ongoing since last month, ensnaring thousands of individuals who have fallen victim to the scheme and reported their experiences to federal authorities.

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center has been inundated with over 2,000 complaints detailing deceptive texts posing as road toll services from various states.

Investigations into the scam reveal a consistent pattern of deception. The messages falsely claim that the recipient has outstanding road toll payments, aiming to coerce them into clicking on links. These links are cleverly crafted to resemble legitimate state toll service websites, complete with ever-changing phone numbers in an attempt to evade detection.

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