“Tekken 8: Facing Controversy and a Shift in Player Sentiment”

Amidst weeks of controversy, Tekken 8‘s Steam page now bears a “Mostly Negative” review status, marking a stark shift from the initial warm reception it garnered upon release in January. The alterations to the game’s monetization model sparked widespread backlash from the community, tarnishing its reputation three months post-launch.

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Tekken 8

Tekken 8 was highly anticipated within the fighting game community, hailed for its modernized approach to the genre. While it achieved critical acclaim and financial success, selling over 2 million units in its first month, criticisms regarding certain aspects of the game persisted.

As of now, Tekken 8’s recent review score on Steam plummeted to an unprecedented low of 37%, placing it among the top of the “Mostly Negative” rating category. Despite the cumulative reviews since launch still maintaining a “Mostly Positive” status at 74%, the sudden decline in recent reviews signals ongoing discontent among players.

The surge in negative reviews primarily revolves around dissatisfaction with the game’s monetization strategy. Many users expressed disdain towards Tekken 8’s seasonal Battle Pass, viewing it as an unwelcome addition alongside the base game’s premium price tag, Season Pass, and in-game store.

Additionally, criticisms were directed at the removal of fan-made mod videos from online platforms, perceived as an attempt to suppress modders whose creations could impact profits from in-game purchases. Furthermore, a significant portion of players voiced frustration over Bandai Namco’s prioritization of monetization over addressing core issues such as performance and matchmaking.

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