“Southern Regional College Student Lee Johnston Selected for NASA Experience in Houston”

Lee Johnston, an 18-year-old Year 1 Applied Science student at Southern Regional College (SRC), is gearing up for an extraordinary opportunity this summer in Houston, Texas. He has been chosen to participate in a real NASA experience alongside a diverse team of students from around the globe. The program will take place at the University of Clear Lake, situated next to the renowned NASA Johnson Space Centre.

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Lee Johnston

The United Space School competition, established by the Lee Johnston Foundation for International Space Education (FISE), aims to provide space-based education to pre-university students worldwide while introducing them to the aerospace industry. Lee Johnston selection for this prestigious opportunity underscores his academic prowess and passion for space exploration.

For Lee, the prospect of traveling to Houston is a dream come true, as it has long been on his ‘bucket list’. His interest in space was cultivated from a young age, often spending weekends stargazing with his grandfather and discussing the mysteries of the universe. Having completed research projects on Mars during his college course, Lee is eager to delve deeper into the subject and expand his knowledge during his time at the United Space School.

Reflecting on his aspirations, Lee expresses a desire to work at the European Space Agency in the future. He believes that this immersive experience will not only enrich his academic journey but also provide invaluable insights into the field of astrophysics, bringing him closer to his career goals.

Lee Johnston Laura Martin, SRC’s curriculum area manager for the Faculty of Health and Science, commends Lee’s achievement, emphasizing the rarity of this opportunity for students in the UK and Ireland. She believes that Lee’s participation in the United Space School will not only contribute to his personal and academic growth but also set him apart professionally, paving the way for a successful career in the aerospace industry.

The United Space School brings together students from over 28 countries, fostering collaboration and innovation in space exploration. Participants will engage in designing their own Mission to Mars under the guidance of industry experts, gaining hands-on experience in spacecraft engineering and mission planning.

Throughout the program, students will delve into various aspects of space exploration, including the effects of zero gravity on the human body, propulsion systems, and the fundamental laws of space. Additionally, guest speakers, including astronauts, will share their insights and experiences, providing invaluable firsthand knowledge of long-duration spaceflight.

Lee’s journey to Houston represents a significant milestone in his academic and professional endeavors, offering him a unique opportunity to immerse himself in the captivating world of space exploration and inspire future generations of scientists and explorers.

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