Shaquille O’Neal Urges CJ McCollum and Brandon Ingram to Elevate Shooting Performance in Pelicans-Thunder Game 1

In the opening clash against the Thunder, CJ McCollum and Brandon Ingram faced scrutiny from Shaquille O’Neal due to subpar shooting performances despite a narrow defeat, stressing the urgency of a breakout display from the duo.

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By the Numbers:

CJ McCollum

McCollum and Ingram collectively shot 14-39 from the field.
McCollum’s stats stood at 40.9% FG and 22.2% 3FG, as per

Yes, But:
While acknowledging the Pelicans’ overall effort, Shaq highlighted areas for improvement, refraining from singling out individuals.

State of Play:
Although trailing 0-1, the Pelicans showcased competitiveness.
Shai-Gilgeous Alexander’s clutch play sealed a tight win for the OKC Thunder.

What’s Next:
Enhanced shooting efficiency from McCollum and Ingram could tip the series, especially with the potential return of Zion Williamson.

Bottom Line:
Shaq’s critique underscores the significance of McCollum and Ingram’s contributions, emphasizing the need for improved shooting for a successful playoff journey.

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