“Reflections on the Oakland Coliseum: Red Sox Manager Alex Cora Reminisces Before Potential Final Visit”

This could mark the final visit for the Red Sox to the Oakland Coliseum, with the Athletics potentially relocating to Las Vegas as their lease expires after the 2024 season. Discussions include temporary stays in Sacramento or Salt Lake City before settling into a new permanent home.

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Manager Alex Cora reflected on the significance of playing at the Coliseum before Boston’s opener against the Athletics on Monday. “This is a beautiful stadium, one of the best fields in the big leagues,” Cora remarked. “There are only 30 of these in the world, and if you take it for granted, you’re making a big mistake.”

Despite not harboring many fond memories as a player at the Red Sox Coliseum, particularly recalling challenging encounters with Barry Zito in the late ’90s, Cora acknowledged the Athletics’ impact on the game. “They transformed baseball,” he noted, citing their comprehensive approach encompassing pitching, defense, offense, and innovative strategies like sabermetrics.

Cora also reminisced about facing an Athletics’ Double-A affiliate in 1996, where he first encountered the team’s emphasis on patience at the plate and statistical analysis. “They introduced me to on-base percentage and working the count,” Cora reflected.

While acknowledging recent challenges faced by the Athletics’ fan base, Cora expressed admiration for the team’s historical contributions to baseball and the caliber of players who have graced the Coliseum’s field over the years.

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