“Paul Reed’s Rising Shooting Prowess: A Key Factor for the Sixers’ Future Success”

Paul Reed’s fourth NBA season has been marked by both highs and lows, a narrative accentuated by Joel Embiid’s prolonged absence. Despite the challenges, the increased playing time seems to have contributed to Reed’s offensive growth, particularly in his shooting skills.

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Paul Reed’s

Since the 2024 All-Star break, Paul Reed’s three-point shooting has surged, hitting an impressive 63.6 percent of his attempts while averaging 1.1 tries per game. This recent improvement has elevated his season three-point average to 40.9 percent (18-44).

Although the shot attempts are relatively low, the Sixers have been eagerly awaiting this shooting development throughout the year. At the start of the season, head coach Nick Nurse granted Reed the green light for perimeter shots, a permission that Reed initially hesitated to embrace during a mid-year cold spell. Now, not only is he attempting three-pointers, but he’s also consistently making them.

While some may dismiss this late-season shooting surge, it could be a precursor to what might unfold later in the season and beyond, especially if/when Embiid makes his return.

Entering the season, Nurse expressed the intention to explore more opportunities of playing Reed alongside Embiid. Unfortunately, this collaboration was limited due to injuries and Reed’s inconsistent perimeter shooting early in the season. The potential for this partnership could increase if Reed maintains a high three-point shooting percentage consistently.

Sixers fans are familiar with the uncertainty surrounding prospects’ ability to make shots, but there is tangible evidence suggesting that Reed’s shooting proficiency is becoming a permanent feature.

Looking back, Paul Reed’s spent the majority of his first two years in the G League with the Delaware Blue Coats, where he not only posted impressive statistics but also showcased elite perimeter shooting. Over a span of 24 games, Reed shot 43.6 percent from three, attempting nearly four threes per game.

Reed’s journey of shooting progression traces back to his days at DePaul, particularly in his sophomore season when he exceeded a 40 percent three-point shooting rate. Although he experienced a dip in his junior year (31 percent on nearly two attempts per game), he declared for the NBA draft.

Now, Reed’s shooting seems to be translating effectively at the NBA level. While it’s unlikely that he will maintain a 40 percent shooting rate on a higher volume, his shot chart for the season indicates that he has been a reliable perimeter shooter on low volume.

It remains to be seen if Paul Reed’s shooting prowess at the NBA level is sustainable, but based on past evidence, there is a strong possibility of seeing more of Paul Reed in the near future alongside Joel Embiid.

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