“New Orleans Pest Control Leader Expands Reach with Acquisition of Skeeter Force in Slidell”

New Orleans-based Lajaunie’s Pest Control has recently expanded its operations by acquiring Skeeter Force, a prominent pest control service provider located in Slidell, Louisiana.

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New Orleans

The New Orleans roots of this acquisition trace back over two decades, when Jared Lajaunie, co-founder of Lajaunie’s Pest Control, and Ashly Quirk, founder of Skeeter Force, commenced their careers in the pest control industry on the same auspicious day at a major national pest control firm. As highlighted in the press release, their professional journeys have now come full circle, uniting them under a shared vision: to excel as leaders in the industry.

Expressing enthusiasm about the merger, Jared Lajaunie stated in the press release, “We are thrilled to welcome Skeeter Force into the Lajaunie family. This is more than just a business transaction; it symbolizes the reunion of two individuals driven by a profound commitment to excellence in pest control. Together, we are well-positioned to deliver unmatched service to our valued customers.”

Ashly Quirk echoed this sentiment, remarking, “Partnering with Lajaunie’s Pest Control feels like returning home. Our mutual history and dedication to delivering top-notch service make this collaboration a perfect fit. We look forward to embarking on this journey together, offering superior pest control solutions to our clientele.”

The acquisition marks a significant New Orleans advancement for both companies, as highlighted in the press release, underscoring their shared goal of bolstering their capacity to provide customers with a wider array of pest control solutions and access to a team of seasoned experts. Lajaunie’s Pest Control and Skeeter Force remain steadfast in their commitment to upholding the exceptional standards of service and customer satisfaction that have been hallmarks of their respective legacies.

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