Nathan Millard Missing Baton Rouge Unraveling the Enigma:

In the quiet streets of Baton Rouge, a mystery has taken center stage – the disappearance of Nathan Millard missing baton rouge, a 42-year-old businessman hailing from Covington, Georgia. The story is a head-scratcher, a real-life puzzle that has left both the locals and the authorities scratching their heads.

The Vanishing Act

Nathan Millard missing baton rouge had ventured into Baton Rouge for a business meeting, armed with his trademark charm and an air of confidence. Little did anyone know that this meeting would lead to a sequence of events straight out of a detective novel. After the meeting, he and his client decided to take in an LSU basketball game. You know, the kind where people wave foam fingers and shout with surprising enthusiasm, even if they’ve never touched a basketball in their lives.


Post-game, the duo landed at Happy’s Irish Pub. Nathan Millard missing baton rouge Now, whether they were seeking Irish luck or just a good time, we may never know. But who could’ve guessed that this ordinary night would turn into a cocktail of mystery, intrigue, and… well, maybe a bit of confusion?

Into the Night

As the clock struck 10:30 PM, Nathan Millard missing baton rouge was kindly asked to leave the bar. It’s like that moment when you’re at a party, and the host gives you a subtle hint that it’s time to call it a night. But instead of a polite hint, Nathan got the bartender’s equivalent of a hook pulling him off the stage.


Outside the pub, Nathan Millard missing baton rouge he was caught on security cameras walking along with an individual later identified as Derrick Perkins. It’s like they were practicing for a midnight stroll club – no membership needed, apparently. This was the last confirmed sighting of Nathan, and things start to get murkier from here.

The Disappearing Act

By 4:30 AM the next day, Nathan was nowhere to be found. He had vanished like a magician’s rabbit, leaving everyone to wonder where he’d gone. It’s almost like a modern-day vanishing trick, with no top hat or cape in sight. His absence triggered alarms, not just for his worried family but for the authorities as well. He had appointments to keep, and clearly, he wasn’t one to simply ghost people.


As days turned into weeks, the mystery deepened. His credit card was used by an unknown person, adding yet another twist to the already puzzling tale. Who knew a missing person’s case could turn into a financial mystery too?

The Search Unveiled

Fast forward to a Thursday, and the Baton Rouge Police Department released photos of two women they wanted to talk to in connection with the case. Now, this isn’t your usual missing person’s tale – it’s like a game of “who’s who” where even the spectators get involved.

Tiffany Ann Guidry

suspected of unlawful disposal of human remains, involvement in the oldest profession in the book (yes, that’s right, prostitution), and failing to ask for help when it’s really needed. Now that’s a trio of charges that makes you wonder what kind of job training she had.

Tabbetha Barner

suspected of engaging in the same oldest profession, and, you guessed it, not seeking help when she should’ve. Maybe they should’ve taken a class on “When and How to Ask for Help 101.”

Derrick Perkins

The man of the hour, or should we say, the man behind bars. Charged with various offenses including unlawful disposal of remains and a dose of obstruction of justice – just to keep things interesting. It’s like he’s putting the “mystery” in mystery novel.

Cause of the Vanishing

Now, let’s not forget the autopsy results. Drum roll, please – they revealed no signs of external or internal injuries on Nathan Millard missing baton rouge body. So, if you were hoping for a smoking gun, you might have to look elsewhere. The authorities believe it might have been an accidental drug overdose. It’s like a plot twist that makes you go, “Wait, what?”

The Plot Thickens

To make things even more intriguing, Nathan Millard missing baton rouge body was found wrapped in plastic and nestled within a rolled-up rug. It’s like he was trying to audition for a role in the next James Bond movie – secret agent turned into a rug enthusiast.

Differing accounts talk about where his body was found – either behind a closed funeral home or in a garage or an empty lot. Clearly, even the location can’t decide if it wants to be part of this mystery or not.

The Family Left Behind

Behind every mystery, there’s a family left to pick up the pieces. Nathan Millard missing baton rouge left behind his wife, their 7-year-old daughter, two sons from a previous marriage, and two teenage stepsons. It’s a reminder that behind the headlines and the intrigue, real lives are affected.


In a city known for its history and charm, the Nathan Millard missing baton rouge case has taken on a life of its own. From vanished businessmen to suspicious companions, it’s a story that has more twists than a pretzel. As investigators peel back the layers, we can only hope that this mystery gets a resolution that would even leave Sherlock Holmes satisfied.


Q: Was Nathan Millard missing baton rouge involved in any criminal activities?

A: There’s no evidence to suggest that. He was a businessman from Georgia.

Q: What happened to the two women mentioned in the case?

A: Tiffany Ann Guidry and Tabetha Burner were sought for questioning, but their involvement is still being investigated.

Q: Was there any foul play involved?

A: While authorities didn’t initially suspect foul play, the circumstances surrounding Nathan mallard missing baton rouge death and the subsequent investigation have raised questions.

Q: Will we ever know what truly happened?

A: Investigations are ongoing, and while the case has its twists and turns, the hope is that the truth will eventually come to light. After all, mysteries are meant to be solved – right?


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