Krispy Kreme Unveils Egg-citing Spring Minis Collection

As the first day of spring unfolds, Krispy Kreme has announced a delightful treat for doughnut enthusiasts. Introducing the all-new Spring Minis Collection, Krispy Kreme aims to spread joy and happiness among families and friends with a lineup of delectable treats that capture the essence of the season.

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Krispy Kreme

Available for a limited time starting March 19 at participating shops across the United States, the Spring Minis Collection features four delightful flavors, each with a touch of Easter magic:

Mini Birds Nest Doughnut made with CADBURY Mini Eggs: A miniature version of the classic Original Glazed® Doughnut adorned with chocolate buttercream, spring sprinkles, and topped with CADBURY Mini Eggs, creating a charming bird’s nest effect.

Strawberry Egg Doughnut: A mini Original Glazed® Doughnut dipped in luscious strawberry icing, adorned with cheerful yellow and teal drizzles, evoking the vibrant colors of spring.

Hatching Chick Doughnut: A mini Original Glazed® Doughnut dipped in light yellow icing, embellished with white nonpareils, and finished with chocolate and orange icing accents, resembling an adorable hatching chick.

Robin’s Egg Doughnut: A mini Original Glazed® Doughnut dipped in refreshing teal icing and adorned with daisy sprinkles, reminiscent of the charming robin’s egg.

Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme, expressed his excitement about the Spring Minis Collection, stating, “We’re excited to help our fans ‘hatch happy’ with these all-new Spring Minis – from the first day of Spring through Easter Sunday. These bright, beautiful doughnuts are sweet treats for celebrating the season with family and friends.”

Krispy Kreme’s Spring Minis are not only available for in-store purchase but can also be conveniently ordered for pickup or delivery through Krispy Kreme’s app and website. Additionally, doughnut enthusiasts can indulge in the Hatching Chick Doughnut, Strawberry Egg Doughnut, Robin’s Egg Doughnut, and the classic Original Glazed® Doughnut by opting for a Krispy Kreme 8-pack, freshly delivered daily to select grocery stores. To locate a nearby Krispy Kreme shop or grocery store offering these delightful treats, visit

With the Spring Minis Collection, Krispy Kreme invites doughnut lovers to savor the flavors of spring and celebrate the season’s joyous moments with loved ones. Whether enjoyed as a delightful snack or shared as a thoughtful gift, these charming doughnuts are sure to brighten any springtime occasion. So, indulge in the sweetness of spring with Krispy Kreme’s delightful Spring Minis Collection and make every moment a celebration of happiness and togetherness.

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