“Kingdom Come: Deliverance II: Expanding Horizons and Darker Realms”

Today, Warhorse Studios made an official announcement regarding Kingdom Come: Deliverance II, the highly anticipated sequel to its acclaimed RPG set in medieval Bohemia. During a private media presentation, Warhorse Studios disclosed that the sequel would be “twice as expansive” as its predecessor, along with other key details. Additionally, it was confirmed that Kingdom Come: Deliverance II would continue the saga of Henry, the protagonist from the original game.

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Kingdom Come

In an email exchange with IGN, Warhorse Studios spokesperson Tobias Stolz-Zwilling elaborated on what players can expect from Kingdom Come: Deliverance II. This included insights into the implications of the game being “twice as expansive” as its predecessor, as well as discussions on the approach to historical accuracy and the significance of introducing Kuttenberg to the game’s setting.

Stolz-Zwilling remarked, “The narrative of Kingdom  Deliverance has evolved into a darker, more intricate, and cinematic experience, yet maintains its signature blend of humor and realism. With pivotal decisions and plot twists that challenge players’ moral compass, the sequel delves deeper into Henry’s journey—from rural conflicts to the cosmopolitan backdrop of a besieged city under enemy occupation. Consequently, players can anticipate encountering a diverse array of ethnicities and characters as Henry navigates his path.”

Kingdom  Deliverance II is currently in development for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, with a slated release later this year. For further insights, continue reading the full interview.

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