Jon and Jennifer kitna

Jon and Jennifer kitna, the former NFL quarterback and current head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, is celebrated not only for his prowess on the football field but also for his unwavering dedication as a family man. Having been happily married to his wife, Jennifer Kitna, for nearly 25 years, their relationship has endured various challenges and triumphs. They first crossed paths while attending Central Washington University in 1992, and their love story led them to exchange vows on August 13, 1994.

jon and Jennifer kitna

Jon and Jennifer kitna
Jon and Jennifer kitna

Their marital bond faced a significant test in 1993 when Jennifer discovered Jon’s infidelity with another woman. However, Jon genuine efforts to repair their relationship and reconcile with Jennifer proved successful, cementing their commitment to each other and fortifying their union. Together, the couple has raised three children: Jalen, Jada, and Jordan Kinta. Jada, meanwhile, is a student at Arizona State University and actively participates in the football staff. Jordan, the youngest sibling, demonstrates his football skills as a quarterback for Colorado State University in Pueblo. In 2021, he happily married his long-time partner, Shileigh Kitna. Additionally, the Kitna family includes one more child, Jamison, who is currently attending high school.

Despite the joys of their family life, recent events have brought unwelcome attention to the Kitna family. Jalen Kitna, the backup quarterback for Florida, has faced allegations of child pornography, leading to his arrest and suspension from the University of Florida team. The situation is under legal scrutiny, and the family is navigating through this challenging time.

Jon and Jennifer kitna
Jon and Jennifer kitna

Throughout Jon career, Jennifer has been a constant source of support and encouragement. While jon and jennifer kitna pursued his dream as an athlete, Jennifer pursued her passion for teaching. Raised in a family with a military background, Jennifer is the daughter of Charles Chuck Durrow and Mrs. Durrow. Her father’s service in the US Air Force instilled a sense of values and resilience in her character. Jennifer also has a younger sibling, Tim Ready, who works as a realtor in Portland.

In spite of the media attention that comes with being a part of a famous family, Jennifer cherishes her close relationships with her parents, siblings, and extended family. She also keeps a level head under pressure. She actively engages on various social networking sites, staying connected with her community, friends, and family. In spite of obstacles, Jennifer’s ability to maintain a balance between her personal and professional lives is an example of her commitment to her family and job.

In summary, jon and jennifer kitna journey as a successful athlete and coach is complemented by his steadfast commitment as a devoted husband and father. The enduring love shared by Jon and Jennifer serves as a shining example of the importance of nurturing strong familial bonds through life’s challenges and joys.


In conclusion, jon and jennifer kitna remarkable career as a former NFL quarterback and his current role as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys are accompanied by his enduring commitment as a devoted family man. His marriage to jon and jennifer kitna, lasting nearly 25 years, exemplifies their dedication to each other and their ability to overcome challenges together. The Kitna family’s journey, marked by both triumphs and setbacks, showcases the importance of maintaining strong familial bonds amidst the demands of a high-profile public life.


Q: What is Jon Kitna known for in the NFL?

A: Jon Kitna is celebrated for his remarkable skills as a former NFL quarterback. He played for several notable teams, including the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, and Detroit Lions. He is also currently serving as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Q: How long have Jon  and Jennifer Kitna been married?

A: Jon and Jennifer Kitna have been happily married for nearly 25 years. They tied the knot on August 13, 1994, and their enduring commitment to each other has stood the test of time.

Q: How many children do Jon and Jennifer Kitna have, and what are their names?

A: jon and jennifer kitna have three children together. Their names are Jalen, Jada, and Jordan Kitna. Each child has pursued their own paths, with Jalen becoming a football player for the University of Florida Gators, Jada being a student and involved in football at Arizona State University, and Jordan playing as a quarterback for Colorado State University in Pueblo.

Q: What recent events have impacted the Kitna family?

A: Recently, the Kitna family faced adversity when Jalen Kitna, the backup quarterback for Florida, was arrested on allegations of child pornography. He has been suspended from the University of Florida team, and the situation is currently undergoing legal proceedings.

Q: What is Jennifer Kitna’s profession?

A: jon and jennifer kitna is a dedicated high school teacher in Portland, Oregon. She pursued her passion for teaching while supporting Jon career as an athlete, showcasing her ability to balance her personal and professional life.


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