HP Completes Exit from Russia and Belarus Amid Sanctions: What Comes Next?

Following the sanctions imposed by the United States in response to Ukraine’s invasion, HP (via CNews) has finalized its departure from Russia. Recently, HP made significant moves by shutting down its Russian website, a vital source for drivers and customer support in the Russian language. Furthermore, HP removed Russia from its Country/Region list and all landing pages.

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Attempts to access  Russia’s website now redirect users to its Kazakhstan page, as Russian is one of the spoken languages in the region. Although the Kazakhstan page allows users to download drivers for notebooks, printers, and other hardware, online support is unavailable. Similarly,  has removed its website from Belarus and ceased sales, redirecting Belarusian users to the Kazakhstan page as well.  Enterprise had already ceased operations in Russia and Belarus in 2022, with sales in the region amounting to $1 billion.

The decision by  Inc. to exit Russia and Belarus was initiated in March 2022, although users were not formally informed, unlike Microsoft’s approach. Consequently,  stopped exporting new products during this period, leading to a significant decline in nationwide sales. Chinese-based printer company Pantum has capitalized on HP’s withdrawal, capturing 53% of Russia’s printer market share, up from 16% before 2022. Meanwhile, Epson, despite suspending exports to Russia and Belarus in 2022, has experienced a 22.1% increase and maintains an active landing page for Russia, albeit subject to change.

Despite U.S. sanctions and the withdrawal of certain companies, alternatives for hardware and software continue to emerge. While the transition to locally made options faces obstacles, Russia and China are actively developing alternatives for operating systems and hardware. When local options are unavailable, both countries turn to purchases from different sources.

The withdrawal of multinational companies like HP paves the way for domestic manufacturers to flourish. Despite sanctions aiming to impose consequences, Russia and China appear to manage with existing or newly developed solutions, asserting their resilience in the face of economic challenges.

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