“Hairspray: The Essential Haircare Companion”

Among the myriad Hairspray hair products available, hairspray stands out as indispensable. It’s the glue that keeps elaborate updos intact all day, maintains the shape of curling-iron curls, and prevents breezy beach waves from falling flat. Essentially, hairspray is the cornerstone of any haircare arsenal, alongside essentials like a quality hairbrush and nourishing deep conditioner.

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Now, let’s confront the longstanding misconception head-on: Hairspray has received a bad rap in the past. However, before you dismiss it entirely, it’s crucial to recognize that the stiff, crunchy finishes associated with traditional hairsprays are a thing of the past.

Modern hairsprays offer flexible hold, combat humidity, boost volume, and impart a natural-looking shine to hair. Seeking clarity, I consulted Donavin Maxwell, a hairstylist based in NYC’s Fekkai Salon, to provide a crash course in Hairspray 101. Below, Maxwell shares insights into the best formulas on the market and offers guidance on selecting the perfect hairspray for your needs.

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