“Google One Discontinues VPN Feature: Insights and Transition Plans”

In October 2020, Google One unveiled a VPN service, which later became accessible across all plans and platforms. However, Google has now announced that the VPN by Google One will be phased out in the coming months.

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Initially positioned as an added layer of security for Android devices, offering users peace of mind regarding their data safety, the VPN was accompanied by a detailed white paper explaining its functionality. Google also subjected the system to a third-party audit and released the client APIs as open source.

Presently, the  is accessible through the Google One apps for Android and iOS, with clients available for Mac and Windows platforms as well. Originally requiring a $9.99 per month Premium plan, the VPN’s pricing was reduced to $1.99 per month in March 2023.

Google cites low usage as the reason for discontinuing the feature, stating that the move will allow the team to concentrate on supporting more sought-after features within Google One.

While no specific timeline has been provided for the discontinuation, existing users will be directed to third-party  alternatives. However, there are no changes to the free Pixel  introduced with the Pixel 7 series in 2022, with availability guaranteed for five years. Additionally, older Pixel phones will receive a  upgrade introduced with the Pixel 8, transitioning from the Google One app to a built-in service without persistent notifications, starting in June.

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