Fujifilm Unveils Its Latest Instax Mini 99 Hybrid Instant Camera

The launch of Fujifilm’s newest Instax Mini 99 Hybrid Instant Camera has captured my heart. While I’ve only had this camera in my hands for an hour, the excitement is palpable, and every aspect of this new Instax exudes professionalism.

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Instax Mini 99 Hybrid Instant Camera

The Instax Mini 99 Hybrid Instant Camera seamlessly blends the best features of instant cameras with digital photography, offering enhanced control over exposure and color while maintaining the whimsical joy of spontaneous shooting.

These innovative features position the Instax Mini 99 Hybrid Instant Camera as an excellent choice for beginners delving into photography fundamentals, as well as a delightful option for seasoned and casual photographers alike.

Preorders for the Instax Mini 99 Hybrid Instant Camera are now available on Amazon, Fujifilm’s website, and select retailers such as Adorama (US) and Jessops (UK), with shipping slated to commence on April 4th.

Design: A Sophisticated Upgrade

Unlike its predecessors, which leaned heavily into bubblegum pastel aesthetics catering to teen and selfie culture, the Instax Mini 99 boasts a sleek all-black design reminiscent of the Mini 90 model. Its understated elegance, complete with refined dials and control rings, makes it an ideal companion for professionals, such as wedding photographers.

Features: Empowering Creativity

Having previously favored the subtle Instax Mini 40, I’ve often grappled with overexposed shots due to limited control. The Instax Mini 99 changes the game by placing control firmly in the hands of the user.

With features like manual vignette adjustment, five levels of exposure control, customizable flash settings, a dedicated self-timer button, and modes for double exposure and sports photography, the Instax Mini 99 offers unparalleled versatility. Not to mention, it effortlessly transitions to selfie mode with the flick of a switch.

Furthermore, the inclusion of an Instax Mini 99 Hybrid Instant Camera LCD display for mode indication and battery status, along with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, enhances usability and convenience.

Of all its features, the standout is undoubtedly the color effect control dial, which offers six analog color effects powered by color-changing Instax Mini 99 Hybrid Instant Camera LEDs. From Light Leak to Faded Green, users can unleash their creativity and add artistic flair to their prints.

Price and Availability

Priced at £174.99 / $199.95, the Instax Mini 99 is set to hit the shelves on April 4th, accompanied by the introduction of the new Instax Mini ‘Photo Slide’ film pack priced at £8.99 for a pack of 10 prints.

As I eagerly await my opportunity to experiment with the Instax Mini 99’s creative modes, I anticipate a journey filled with artistic exploration and boundless imagination.

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