From College Soccer to UEFA Women’s Champions League: Eva Gaetino’s Remarkable Journey

Eva Gaetino’s transition from playing college soccer with Notre Dame University to starting as a center-back for Paris Saint-Germain in the UEFA Women’s Champions League is nothing short of extraordinary. While this shift may seem abrupt, it’s a dream come true for Gaetino, who has always aspired to play in Europe.

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Eva Gaetino

Eva Gaetino recent call-up to the USWNT camp and her victory at the She Believes Cup highlight her remarkable rise in the world of soccer. As she prepares to face Olympique Lyonnais in the UEFA Women’s Champions League semi-finals, Gaetino reflects on her journey and shares her excitement and apprehension.

Starting her professional career with Paris Saint-Germain, Gaetino has quickly made her mark in the squad. Her goal against BK Hacken in the quarterfinals not only showcased her talent but also made her the youngest American to score in the UEFA Women’s Champions League knockout rounds.

Despite being a highly anticipated pick in the 2024 NWSL Draft, Gaetino chose to pursue her European dream with Paris Saint-Germain. Speaking about her experience, Eva Gaetino expresses her joy at training with world-class players and coaches who continuously push her to excel.

Gaetino’s former Notre Dame teammate and current PSG and USWNT teammate, Korbin Albert, played a crucial role in her adaptation to the French culture. Albert’s guidance and support eased Gaetino’s transition and helped her settle into the team seamlessly.

As Gaetino prepares to face Lyon, she acknowledges the club’s stature and formidable reputation. Despite the daunting challenge, she remains excited about the opportunity to compete against such a prestigious opponent.

Gaetino’s pre-match rituals reflect her maturity and dedication to her craft. Visualizing the game and strategizing her moves demonstrate her commitment to excellence and preparation for the upcoming match.

As Gaetino gears up for the showdown at Lyon’s Groupama Stadium, she hopes to lead PSG to victory and gain a crucial edge in the semi-finals. With her talent, determination, and focus, Gaetino is poised to make a significant impact on the pitch and continue her remarkable journey in women’s soccer.

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