Following the release of the contentious Crownfall patch last week, Dota 2 is currently experiencing a resurgence in player numbers, reaching some of its highest counts in years.

In the past few days, Dota 2 has witnessed peak player counts exceeding 900,000, marking a significant milestone not seen since 2022. The apex was reached on Sunday, April 21, with a staggering total of 921,133 concurrent players. While there has been a slight decline in numbers since then, they still remain notably elevated compared to pre-Crownfall patch levels.

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According to SteamCharts, these figures represent the highest player counts since November 2022, when the game peaked at 990,057 following the conclusion of The International 11 tournament in Singapore. During the tournament itself, which attracted global viewership due to its favorable timing, the peak reached 1,038,848.

Recent months have typically seen peak counts in the mid-600,000 range, making the surge over the weekend a substantial increase of approximately 300,000 players.

Interestingly, the initial reception to the Crownfall patch was largely negative, as it lacked anticipated features such as balance adjustments, core gameplay alterations, or the introduction of the new hero, Ringmaster. However, players who had been away from Dota 2 for some time responded more positively to the update, drawn back by the allure of free cosmetics, new arcanas, and the fishing minigame.

With Act Two slated for release in a few weeks, promising additional content, the upward trend in player counts is expected to continue. Nonetheless, while the spike in players is undoubtedly encouraging, concerns persist regarding the game’s overall state. Without a new gameplay patch to address existing issues, the influx of returning players may find themselves confronted with the same frustrations that led them to step away previously.

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