“Fallout Adaptation Receives Rave Reviews and Merchandise Galore”

The entire series of Fallout’s adaptation is now available for streaming, and early reviews indicate that it’s a resounding success. With a current rating of 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, Fallout is joining the ranks of acclaimed video game adaptations like The Last Of Us in terms of quality. For fans looking to extend their celebration beyond just watching the show, there’s plenty of merchandise available, including Elgato’s special edition Stream Deck.

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Elgato unveiled this collaboration last week with a Twitter teaser featuring the iconic Vault Boy. In the teaser, Vault Boy navigates through a vault until he reaches a themed Stream Deck. While the device functions similarly to a standard Stream Deck, it has been given a out-inspired makeover. Its color scheme has been revamped to resemble something that Vault Dwellers would use in the out games and now, in the show too.

In addition to the Stream Deck, Elgato has also introduced a matching Wave DX mic, Wave XLR mic, and a dial to complement the set. All four items in the collection will be available for purchase on the Elgato website starting today (April 11, 2024). This coincides with the original release date of the ut show on Amazon Prime, although it was pushed forward by a day, allowing some viewers to binge-watch it already.

Elgato has also announced the availability of a limited number of Vault Overseer Kits, which include all four Fallout-themed items. The exact release time and pricing details have yet to be disclosed. Given the enthusiastic response to the reveal and the “limited edition” label attached to the collection, it’s advisable to stay tuned to Elgato and Fallout’s social media channels, as well as the Elgato website, for updates on the product launch, as they may not be available for long.

Even if Elgato’s Fallout Stream Deck and matching mics sell out quickly, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy Fallout beyond the new show on Amazon. Xbox currently offers significant discounts on every Fallout game, with prices slashed by 75 percent or more. Insert Coin has also restocked some of its Fallout collection just in time for the show’s debut.

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